View Full Version : jackets for the larger person

-21st January 2004, 10:48
As everyone knows we kind of over indulge at the new year.

Now found out that the good living over the holidays has meant my jacket is now too small.

It was an allstar 56. The largest size.

Does anyone know of where I could get one which is bigger (the fencing jacket equivalent of a tent) ?

Yes, i tried dieting. but it's not working.

Extra-large Bucket.

-21st January 2004, 12:08
Ask the nice people at Leon Paul to make you one.

-21st January 2004, 13:46
PBT go up to 58 stock size in 350N and 800N jackets

-21st January 2004, 15:16
Someone at my club has just got a jacket from Blades larger than mine. (ie. 50")

Although I have LP kit that is larger than their top size and very good it is too.

-22nd January 2004, 11:42
Thank you all very much.

I'll try PBT and Leon paul.