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-21st January 2004, 12:27
Hi Guys
On Monday night my mask broke
The 'spring' or 'tang' that holds the mask on to your head broke and although it is still more or less intact, it does not keep the mask on my head as tightly as I would like.
I asked my coach if it could be repaired: he was VERY doubtful
The problem is that it has broken just where it bends down so I doubt if re-riveting or giving it additional rivets will help...
Do you guys have any ideas as to how best to repair this?
Does anyone sell these as spare parts (I have looked on Allstars web site and can't find them).
BTW its an Allstar FIE 'Comfort Plus' mask that is about 15 months old.
Do you think it is reasonable for this to have broken after this amount of time (I fence +/- 4 times per week)?
My wife got the same mask as me at the same time and hers seems ok


-21st January 2004, 15:13
Try asking Allstar UK (or Leon Paul - I don't thik th spring hs to be the same make).

I've never heard of this happening before - all of the ancient masks that I've seen condemned have had intact 'prongs'.

-21st January 2004, 17:01
When I had my LP mask refurbished, they either removed or reattached the tang thingy as the rivet was in a different place. So I guess that the old tang can be removed, and a new one put in its place, tho' I wouldn't know how