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-19th July 2010, 09:05
Newly created independent Parents Group needs your help!

As part of an initiative to improve communication between British Fencing and young fencers (Cadets and Juniors), it has been suggested that a “team” approach is developed which will create a stronger Cadet/Junior fencing community where the contribution of parents is recognised, valued and used to influence decisions that affect these groups. Over many years, the management of the GB youth squads has been improved using the input from parents and the creation of an independent parents group is recognition of this effort and is an initiative designed to build on this positive support.

Our immediate aims across both cadet and junior fencing is:
1. Form an independent Parents Group with interested parents across all weapons and both age groups from throughout the UK.
2. Using the newly formed group, create a Parents Charter for next season – a general set of statements that provide guidance to both travelling and non/travelling parents.
3. Use the Parents Group as a resource to generate funds for cadet and junior fencers who may need financial assistance to attend events.

Beyond the initial phase of the Parents Group, we hope that we will be able to:
• offer support to fencers and parents using specific areas of the BF web site,
• provide a channel for direct feedback through the Parents Group to BF
• provide better communication for all parties (fencers, parents and BF)
• lobby for better communication on behalf of fencers and their parents.

We would like to press on as quickly as possible to create our terms of reference and a “Parent Charter” but feel that we need at least one representative from each age group (Cadet/Junior) and weapon combination. I believe that it is important that we are able to listen to the questions/issues (e.g. process, travel & costs) from each group so that we are able to argue that all sections have been able to contribute.

I don’t believe that the time requirements will be too onerous, with a number of email conversations through the summer as we filter ideas and suggestions toward the start of the season.

If you feel that you have any opinions on how to make things better and are able to offer some insight into possible ways forward then I’d be delighted to hear from you.

Mike O’Donnell
Parent Champion

E: info(at)calecom.co.uk

-19th July 2010, 13:41
Have emailed you

Neil Brown
-10th August 2010, 20:35

coach carson
-22nd August 2010, 16:24
Mike ODonnell should be on the stage. What an entertaining presentation. Part Braveheart, part stand-up comedy, part election broadcast.

-22nd August 2010, 21:36
Mike ODonnell should be on the stage. What an entertaining presentation. Part Braveheart, part stand-up comedy, part election broadcast.

"Take a telling...!" and then whatever he said about doing too many highers. Loved it, sound advice...

OTOH I have a couple of friends from Fife, they're exactly the same!

-29th August 2010, 08:51
This sounds an excellent idea to me. I look forward to seeing parents volunteer to be on this group and following BFA policy the leadership of the group to be chosen by open recruitment.(this is now hapepning with BFA committees.)

Anything that allows better feedback to BFA has to be a good thing, especially as we have an increasing professional staff of "non fencers". It is also very importnat that BFA and their staff never lose sight of what those fencers operating on the "shop floor" really think, need and aspire to.

Several people have pointed out to me over the years that the most major sponsors of fencing are parents and we clearly want to involve parents in as many ways as possible. Parents also provide a massive resource of knowledge, time and expertise.


Fencing is Fun Scotland
-20th September 2010, 19:02
Sounds like a good idea.

Is it for grass roots support, or elite-performers-of-the-future support?

If it's the former, I'd like to suggest opening the floor up to parents of early-years fencers, too.

-23rd September 2010, 13:08
It's really none of my business, because I'm both not a parent, and not really a fencer who will be affected by this, so you should probably ignore this comment completely.

That being said. This seems like a bad idea.

Not really my business though.

-23rd September 2010, 15:21
ajslim, perhaps you could give a reason?

-1st October 2010, 12:49
As it's the Cadet and Junior Championships this weekend in Sheffield, if you are still interested in taking part in the Parents Group we are having a quick and informal meeting at 12noon on Saturday. Meet in the foyer of the EIS. Main objectives to say hello to all involved and get some initial ideas for the parents charter.

Hope to see you there,
Mike O'Donnell
Parent Champion.