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-3rd May 2003, 11:38

Which are, in your experience, the best fencing shoes?

I have the D'Artagnan and I'm not that happy.
I'm told by people that have them that the more advanced model by Adidas (Equipment?)is nothing to write home about either.
What's your opinion?
I've tried some fencing moves with regular Saucony's, and they give much more boost, trouble is that the model's got
rubber additions to the feet of the sole that tear off in fencing movements.
Perhaps there are different models of other regular sport's shoes which in your judgment prove better?


-3rd May 2003, 19:55
I'd recomend the Adidas fencing shoes from Leon Paul (BIG PLUG)
Got a pair a while ago and not had any problems with them. After that i'd have to say the Victoria shoe or Pro-HI Fencing Boot.

-3rd May 2003, 20:07
Would you recommend Squash or Tennis & mixed training shoes?

-4th May 2003, 12:25
I use Adidas fencing shoes but i still aint decided if they are any better than squash shoes. Every pair of feet are a different shape and every hall has a different floor surface as well as mettalic pistes being different every time again. So really, any shoe can be good and any shoe can be rubbish.

-5th May 2003, 18:54
the adidias hi shoes are very good....very comfy and good cause they protect the ankles!

-5th May 2003, 19:09
You could always be really cheeky and if anyone who has shoes in your size at a comp you could ask at the start to try them on to see how they feel. Go for a newish looking pair cause you relly don't want to put your feet in old smeel shoes

-6th May 2003, 09:05
The Adidas ones that LP sell are the same ones that this person is complaining about.

I own a pair of Viktoria's. I got them because they were very similair to the ones that I'd had previously. They are comfortable and they give good grip. They were initially very stiff but a couple of nights of Fencing soon sorted that out.

-6th May 2003, 09:18
Viktoria shoes are OK, but die quickly. I've had mine only a few months, and without too much fencing the stitching has come away and the shoe is falling to bits. The soles aren't lasting too well either. I had a pair of the old Adidas HI boots, which were fantastic. Don't know if they still make them or not. Haven't seen them about.

-6th May 2003, 09:36
I've had Adidas (the black stripe adistar lo type), pbt boots (old ones, white with blue patches and silver stripes) and pbt shoes (Fortuna original, lo), and I've been impressed with all of them.

The Adistar lo (which you can still get from Merlin, AFAIK) were really comfy after the first few weeks, when the stiff leather on the inside edge was giving me red marks on ym feet - after that they were fantastic. But they were 109.

The PBT boots were OK; didn't last too well, but were an ancient model - I understand new ones are far better.
(edit: just seen you can get these from Triplette: http://www.triplette.com/sport%20fencing/sport_fencing_shoes_and_socks.htm
maybe gofence have them?)

The PBT shoes, Fortuna model, are brilliant. Admittedly they've got a seam on the inside that made my left foor bleed a little, but they're still going strong after a year of training, of which I spent four months fencing on metallic pistes for 3 hours a day. They're beginning to get slippy and the leather's coming off, but some glue and sandpaper should sort them.
45 and they're great - recommended.

or you could try Hi-Tect Squash/Badminton (same shoe, 2 colours, 2 models :-) for about a tenner. A bit flappy, but OK.

My next pair will hopefully be the new PBT Fortuna Plus type, with an outsole that wraps around for better wear'n'tear protection. Look goooood.
PBT Online (http://www.pbtfencing.hu)

-11th May 2003, 18:22
I just bought a pair of Adidas Light VII squash shoes. They seem to be pretty good.

For anyone who is dissatisfied with 'fencing' shoes, perhaps you should contemplate squash shoes? Take a look at http://www.pwp.com/squash_shoes.asp

-15th May 2003, 10:58
I went over to Holland for a B-Grade a few months ago now and whilst I was over there I spotted something rather different, fencing boots made by Puma. After a quick discussion I found out that they were a line which were discontinuted a few years ago, but held two major advantages for me.

1) A very high boot cut, similar to the new Eqt boots. A have hell with my ankles and these have proved a God send.

2) A huge amount of heel padding, providing comfort for those over heavy foot-work manouveres which Laszlo tells me off for.

3) They were only 40. At that price how could I argue.

4) Now sabourer looks like a proper sabourer in shoes. It's as bad a sin as not having a motorbike or leather jaket or not listening to heavy metal.

After purchasing a pair of these, I would not look back. Nothing I have had (Fortunas, D'Artagnians, Hi-Tech Squash) have been so comfortable and so practical. If you could hunt down a pair of them, I'd personally jump on them.

Also, if anyone out there knows anywhere which still stocks them (my supplier in Holland ran out), I would be most grateful of the details.

Kian Ryan (Evil)