View Full Version : Were can i get the results of the BYC's

-26th January 2004, 20:39
does any one know were i can get the results of the BYCs.
I was in the under 12's and i dont know were i came.
I think i was between 33 and 45 :)


-26th January 2004, 21:44
They will be up on the BFA web site, soon...lots of admin to do now the foil competition is over, and the epee and sabre to do in 2 weeks time.

Well done - hope you enjoyed the competition !!:grin:

-27th January 2004, 00:17
33 william
34 george
35 scott
36 elliot
37 huon
38 arron
39 clark
40 kurtis
41 bryce
42 ashley
43 matthew
44 alex H
45 thomas
45 alexander J

-27th January 2004, 00:23
of course I presumed as to gender so
33 william - ruth
34 george - carys
35 scott - victoria
36 elliot - eleanor
37 huon - jzuee
38 arron - antonia
39 clark - isabel
40 kurtis - charlotte
41 bryce - holly
42 ashley - isabella
43 matthew - rebecca
44 alex H - amy
45 thomas - jennifer
45 alexander J - samantha

-27th January 2004, 00:30
...so - that's U12 girls - good job you added the forenames, cos it looked like boys.....did you pick up any other results? I know you had a very personal reason to have these - well done Caitlin !!!!

-27th January 2004, 01:06
Ah, that list was a combined boys (left) girls (right) list. My original post was just boys I only gave the first names cos it was easier to type and of course I didn't want to ask jimbo his/her name, he/she can work it out.

Re other results, the back stage crew were working so hard that I didn't want to impose on them and the other finals hadn't been completed. Hence one of my emails to you earlier today. Sorry if it appeared like spam with all the attachments. (Yes - sorry to all of you also on the circulation list that are not on broadband however the sponsors are very strict on use of the logos)

-27th January 2004, 15:53
Thanks everyone especially tubby My postion is there :)

-27th January 2004, 18:50
by the way, Tubby how did you get those resaults

-28th January 2004, 01:19
I asked and they were kindly given to me.

Andy W.
-3rd February 2004, 19:46
Tubby any chance of a copy of those results? I should do a write up for the newsletter and I don't know much outside the L8 in U12 girls!

ta Andy W.:)

Andy W.
-3rd February 2004, 19:53
Sorry Tubby, don't worry I just found Boo Boo's post elsewhere and have discovered them at the BFA site, thanks anyway.