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-27th January 2004, 10:15
I've noticed that the threads in the forum are full of refereeing. I just wondered if people would like to hold up their hands and admit to practicing the dark art and how much/where do they do it!
If the FIE people want to impress then here's their chance, but i'm more interested in 'normal' fencers just contributing their bit.

-27th January 2004, 11:17
i'll start then :P

Australian nationally qualified referee (equiv british lvl 1)

done at least last 8 fights at aust senior + u/17 + U/15 nationals,

last weekend i did the u/18 girls final, u/12 boys final, and the u/14 boys final... erm, about 6 or 7 poules over the weekend, and at least 15 de's and last 8 fights.

i dunno.... i enjoy it, its fun.... only thing stopping me trying for fie is my age and my french, hehe

-27th January 2004, 11:27
Senior Opens
Junior/Cadet Champs

Think you must be mad [he says in a respectful sort of way] to enjoy doing it at serious level - I'd rather be fencing.....

-27th January 2004, 14:42
oh i'm mad, just ask boo :P

erm, when exactly are your junior/cadet champs - and are they restricted to citizens like your senior ones?

-27th January 2004, 15:02
Unfortunately for you, Australian, yes. Just do the big opens - usually far tougher than Junior/cadets champs.

-27th January 2004, 15:04


Boo Boo
-27th January 2004, 15:18
I ref at:
- Senior Opens (although this is normally in between fencing myself....)
- British Cadet and U20s (although not this past year - too far to go on ChubbyHubby's birthday weekend...)
- BYCs
- EYCs
- Cadet Winton
- The occassional local/regional kiddie competition

I do it because I enjoy refereeing (although not the hassle that sometimes comes with it...) and like to contribute a little something every now and again.


-27th January 2004, 15:49
Originally posted by Rhubarb
I just wondered if people would like to hold up their hands and admit to practicing the dark art and how much/where do they do it!

I have no qualifications. I ref mostly at opens I am fencing in (foil) usually because other people don't want to do it. I won't preside at the really high level stuff (Essex, Bristol, etc) because I don't like the hassle. Also did some W Epee at H&W and Camb. because I was stupid enough to be standing near a piste when a president was needed.


-27th January 2004, 17:09
Used to preside (before presidents became referee's) at international level.

Toughest match - Tauber v Melun in the 1/4 finals of Coupe de Europe. (Melun won 9-7) No pressure at all. :rolleyes:

Biggest Pain - Barry Paul trying to convince me that his constant need to clean his glasses 'cos they were fogging up, was not a tactical ploy. You liar Barry. :)

-27th January 2004, 17:13
I am a Level 3 Sabre ref. I have reffed at BUSA, various C du N events and opens.

I did my exams at Birmingham last year.

-27th January 2004, 18:55
Did my refereeing exams at the Inverclyde Open last year and passed as follows:
Foil - Level 4
Epee - Level 3

I did the refereeing qualifications because I was continually dissapointed by the problems with getting decent referees for the childrens fencing competitions that my children went to. So rather than just moan about it, I got the qualifications and now help referee at all of the kids competitions in Scotland.

Only problem is treading the delicate line between helping referee and giving support to my own children in the competitions. Most competitions organisers are very sympathetic to this balancing act though and try to schedule my refereeing around my kids fights. There are a few other qualified dads with kids so sometimes we "job-share" a pool so that we can take it in turns to support our own kids.

I enjoy refereeing the kids because most of them do express their appreciation for somebody giving their time to try and do a professional job of refereeing. And in Scotland at least, argie-bargie with parents is reasonably rare with again most parents taking the time to come and say thank you afterwards.

-28th January 2004, 12:01
I have level 3 sabre, and getting there on the Log Book for level 2 (if I can find it in all the other papers in my room that is)

I tend to ref at Senior Opens, when necessary to get home at a sensible time in the pools, and more willingly in the DEs. Will also do some of the smaller Men's Opens, where there are no clashes with the fencing that I want to do. (fencing will come first until I can no longer get the results I want
Also BYCs, LPJS, EYCs, and Cadet/Juniors.

Biggest thing I ever did was the qualifier for a World Cup run by the club I went to in my year in France and this was at foil!! I am not generally that fussed by pushy supporters, because for the most part they have nothing on what the French coaches get up to!!!!!

-28th January 2004, 17:37
Depends if Keith spots me or not.

Epee in poules / early stages of DE's, - foil and sabre (badly) at club / local junior / intermedite events if desperate.

-25th February 2004, 22:20
I have Cdn N - for National - ranking for sabre & foil and P - for Provincial - for epee.

Since i don't travel much - i did my share of that in the 70s and 80s when i was competing - i did mostly local tournaments, and let the big tournaments come to me... :)

I've done the Cdn Nationals, the Westerns [in Cda, there're the Easterns and the Westerns.] the recent Cdn Selection Circuit in Vancovuer, tourneys in the US tourneys i go to...

I've also pushed for everyone practising and hopefully learning the dark art in the club and hopefully getting their licenses.