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-27th January 2004, 20:41
...to university. there are some who think i should choose this based on the loaction and standard of course.

no chance. i want to know where's best based on fencing clubs. i've got unconditional offers for all the places i've applied to do physics, so where should i go....glasgow uni, edinburgh uni or st andrews uni...

Dave Hillier
-27th January 2004, 21:08
Go to Edinburgh ..... UCAS must have changed since I did it, what about your other options (or didn't they want you?)

-27th January 2004, 21:11
i only put down three options. and one of them was really only put down to quiten down my parents and cos' the form looked silly with only two courses on it.

-27th January 2004, 22:52
St Andrews - fond memories of the place - a friend of mine was a lecturer there and we used to get horribly ratted at New Year.

Connosiuers of crap football can always go and savour the delights of East Fife.

-28th January 2004, 07:28
as someone sitting IN st andrews at the moment... :D

St Andrews is a great place. Sure, its smaller than most other universities but it is completely integrated into the town (city? it has a ruined cathedral) itself. I'm in my second year of medicine here at the mo, and my second year of fencing.

On the fencing side of things, STAUFC (the club) is one of the best in the UK, the men finishing 3rd in BUSA TEAM main competition last year, and winning the secondary competition the year before.

The club has a tradition of training the best beginners in scotland winning ladies epee and sabre, men's sabre, and men's foil plate at the SASF beginners competition (which is on again soon - sat/sun - 7/8) So no pressure for me (MF/MS) next week then :cool:

This year saw the ladies' and men's teams in BUSA (TEAM) action again, leading to qualification to the main competition where they hope to do better than last year.

If anyone wants to know more about st andrews, STAUFC etc, either post below or PM me, and i'll see what I can do!

Some of my friends do Physics here, so I'll try to get some information on their views of the course if you want!

-28th January 2004, 08:22
OK, realistically it has to be Edinburgh.

I'm a Glasgow Uni graduate, and I help out at the club - it's friendly, the coaches are OK (Hi ian!) and the venue (Kelvin Hall) ain't bad.
But the standard of fencing is low unless you're a sabruer, in which case the British No. 14 turns up and so does Rory Cowan (ex-UK top 10).

St. Andrews? No. This is not "one of the best clubs in the UK". It *may* be one of the best STUDENT clubs in the UK, but that's not saying much I'm afraid.
There's not a single fencer at St. A except Jenni Stewart who's capable of even a L8 at a Scottish Open, let alone down south. Sorry, Aer.

Go to Edinburgh. The Uni club's about the same standard as St. Andrews, but you can go to EFC on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday night and fence most of the Scotland team. You will not get better fencing in Scotland than EFC, period.

If you go for Glasgow Uni or Edinburgh, I'll see you around.

-28th January 2004, 08:56
I agree with Rory's comments. Come to Edinburgh. Plenty of fencing, good night life and a decent university (numbers of Ya's aside - although that is worse up in St Andrews).

You'll get to fence at Edinburgh Uni club (they've got a good hall and it's available at weekends) and EFC. Just up the road from the Uni' hall is RCP as well if you fancy a more 'social' evening of fencing!

-28th January 2004, 09:33

I studied Physics @ Edinburgh '79 on. (and on and on). EUFC a fine club but EFC (Meadowbank at that time) has a tremendous history and strength - I think you'll find yourself among some truly influential fencers. Happy to chat to you about it at the club Thursday.


-28th January 2004, 09:57
Originally posted by rory

St. Andrews? No. This is not "one of the best clubs in the UK". It *may* be one of the best STUDENT clubs in the UK, but that's not saying much I'm afraid.
There's not a single fencer at St. A except Jenni Stewart who's capable of even a L8 at a Scottish Open, let alone down south. Sorry, Aer.

quite all right.

sorry if i implied something i didnt mean. or was wrong. all i was saying is that STAUFC is one of the best STUDENT CLUBS. sorry if i wrote it wrong - it WAS 8 am :rolleyes:

and tbh, if you are choosing uni on fencing alone, then maybe edinburgh would the correct call - efc etc.

doesn't negate the fact that st andrews remains good!

-28th January 2004, 11:34
Originally posted by Aer
[Bsorry if i wrote it wrong - it WAS 8 am :rolleyes:


Late night ?

-28th January 2004, 20:05
more along the lines of late week - exams are over...:grin:

-28th January 2004, 20:22
London. Doh -you didn't get.......

-28th January 2004, 23:41
Rory is correct, however not even Jenni is there now. She is at Sandhurst I think, digging a trench last time I spoke to her.

I know I am an outsider, but the Edinburgh lot have always produced top fencers on a regular basis.

Have a chat with Bob Jamieson or Sean Walton or any of the other coaches up there are loads to choose from.

-4th February 2004, 10:35
Having been beaten up and drunk at the guest of all three Uni in my time at Dundee- I'd say Edinburgh too.

Course wise the course not bad too- St. Andy's and Dundee are kinda merging their departments at the moment.

anyaway, you'd be visiting the others in Student comps. I have know mutinities in my time. (we got some guys from St. Andrews fencing for us)

Boo Boo
-4th February 2004, 10:41
Edinburgh: great coaches, great people to train with, good results and a great bunch of people...

Would go there in the blink of an eye :)


-4th February 2004, 23:07
its obvious!!

stuff all those sub-standard ;) unis, apply through clearing and come to heriot-watt!!

we have:

* a decent enough fencing club (tho st. andy's did beat us at BUSA qualifiers, they were the only ones......)
* a pond
* swans, squirrels, rabbits and other lovely countryside wildlife in our greenery-filled butlins-esque campus

....and you are still able to go to RCP/EFC etc if you want, too.

sadly, however, the physicists tend to be a bit wierd.... though happily not all of them as wierd as the one who is in the news at the moment (i'll let the more nosy folk find out about him for themselves).

Of your 3 choices, i'd say Edinburgh. Their fencers are sound (even though we have some "friendly" rivalry!!) and the city is great (not as dingy as Glasgow or as twee as St Andrews). The main downside is the cost of renting a flat.......

-17th February 2004, 10:16
who cares about fencing when you have the "Subway" nightclub....??


-17th February 2004, 10:19
Hmm rather have the Metal Pig club night in chester thanks!

-17th February 2004, 14:55
Hmm . . . is that Subway West End or Cowgate?

Meanwhile, As an Alumnus of Edinburgh I would say that while The other two Uni's have very fine clubs, and St-Andrews have arguably the best mens team this year, In the variable world of Student Fencing Edinburgh has the most reliable number of middling to good fencers accross the three weapons. It also has the infrastructure to employ 3 proffesional coaches meaning plenty of group lessons and unless prices change this year a 20 minute lesson with any of them can be got for the piffling price of 1, not bad in anyones language.

And as everyone has been telling you, Scotland's best Fencing club will also be right on your doorstep.