View Full Version : David Riseley in Montreal Final

-27th January 2004, 21:00
Congratulations to David Riseley who came 5th in the Montreal Junior Men's Foil a Grade.This is the 3rd A grade final David has made this season.


-28th January 2004, 21:00
Is fencing the only sport that refers to the last 8 as a 'final'. I know it's quarter-FINAL, but no other sport seems to refer to it in the way we do.

Any particular reason?

-28th January 2004, 23:47
In the days when competitions were fenced as rounds of poules, the final would be a pool of six - I suspect referring to a last 8 asthefinal is a hangover from then. (moreso if you used a repechage which I think becomes straight DE at the L8 as well).

As a side line - the Ridley Martin started out as a Championship for those who had not made the final of teh Nationals and that there were equivalent cups for foil and epee - what became of them and would there be a market for reviving them ?

Great to see David doing well, since he's from a neighbouring club.