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-3rd May 2003, 12:49
Having not plagued the MPAGB (sorry for swearing) gossip site for a while, I thought I would add my name to this new site, and say hello.

Not being very bright (I fence epee) this is my second try at saying hello as the first went somewhere in cyberspace, so I've got my fingers crossed.
PS Long live the White Rose Country

-3rd May 2003, 12:55

You should be pleased to know that this attempt's worked. I find that it's a pretty good board with topics for all things fencing-like and just general chat.

Hope to see loads of threads from you.


-3rd May 2003, 13:24
Thanks Fluffy....
Nice to get a reply so soon.
I'll keep my eye out for you and your threads.

PS Like Brum, I used to live in Hinckley and work in Tamworth / Brum.

-3rd May 2003, 13:34
Hello Hank from Bath.

Dare I ask what MPAGB is?

-3rd May 2003, 14:28
Now then, HAnkfrom Bath - welcome!! did you mean Yorkshire by saying "white rose count(r)y" or somewhere else?? I originate from Brum - Handsworth/Northfield/Edgbaston and now family in Halesowen. Have fun with the forum - it's addictive....must get my boy to join in too...............

-3rd May 2003, 14:44
I live in Edgbaston at the moment in Halls of Residence on the Vale, but am moving to Selly Oak next year. But like Aoife I would liek to know what MPAGB is.

-3rd May 2003, 14:47
MPAGB : Modern Pentathlon Association of Great Britain.
They have a good website (cos they fence epee as well) and the "Athletes Gossip" section is an ongoing forum.
Worth checking out: www.mpagb.org (Ithink).

White Rose Country - of course "Yorkshire" where else ???


3 Card Trick
-3rd May 2003, 14:48
The Modern Pentathlon Association of Great Britain.:grin:

-3rd May 2003, 15:23
byfc99 - you'll have more fun in Smelly Oak than Edgbaston, believe me!! and if you like curry, Balti Heaven is a few streets away -------yummmmmm!!!!:) :) :)

-3rd May 2003, 15:55
i'm on raddlebarn road nxt yr, about 7-8 min walk from bristol road up the hill away from the uni campus. We already frequent the curry houses although we live about 1.5miles from them at the mo.

-3rd May 2003, 18:38
Originally posted by HankfromBath

PS Like Brum, I used to live in Hinckley and work in Tamworth / Brum.

Hey, all these midlanders popping up suddenly!:) I'm from Nuneaton - just down the road from Hinckley. And I like Brum a lot (no jokes from anyone else who's not from there / never lived there, please).

Now I'm stuck in the crappy south-east where you have to pay 5 quid a minute just to breathe :( And don't get me started on house prices!!!!! [now you can tell how old I am... Or how old I'm not anyway.]

-3rd May 2003, 19:48
How do you get into Modern Pentathlon. It's not something i've ever seen advitised down my local sports center. The only i really know who dose Moden Pentathlon is Andy Mackenzie and he does it through the *Spit* Army *Spit*

-4th May 2003, 23:27
Dear Muso 440:) It's brill to hear that someone else has a healthy disrespect for the southerners!!!!!!! Midlanders are best, eben tho I've now spent more years in Yorkshire than I lived elswhere, I still call it "home", and I'm aiming to set up soem youth fencing there soon (tell you more later). Byee:grin:

-5th May 2003, 17:59
And don't get me started on house prices!!!!! [now you can tell how old I am... Or how old I'm not anyway.]

Doesn't say anything about age to me... I've been moaning about house prices in the South East for a few years, and I'm still a teenager living at home (who happens to pay too much attention to the property section of the local rags :) )

-6th May 2003, 07:59
Aoife, the only solution is to move north as quickly as possible!

-8th May 2003, 11:51
Or leave the country!!!! Thats what I did... sorry but even if the exchange rate is looking up even contemplating buying a house in the UK is impossible... (note to self, make sure Rob's still amenable to me crashing at his new place.)