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-28th January 2004, 16:23
The University of Leicester has a 15 year old piste they no longer require. I have been charged to sell it.

It is an old copper roll-out piste (I believe it may be Leon Paul in origin, but I'm not 100% certain). It is in decent condition; no holes, little rust/wear and tear.

Unfortunately over the years, the bits and pieces have disappeared, so all that is left is the copper roll.

I will have photos by tomorrow evening, so please email me, or message me to show an interest and/or to start bidding. I am open to offers at the moment.

Thanks in advance everybody,

-29th January 2004, 17:26
Here are some photographs of the piste for your perusal.

-29th January 2004, 17:28
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-29th January 2004, 17:29
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Dave Hillier
-29th January 2004, 17:31
you might be best off selling it for scrap. Copper is worth about a grand a tonne..... a quick search reveals it is worth 1314.85 per tonne at the moment

-29th January 2004, 17:31
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-29th January 2004, 22:18
We've suggested selling it for scrap. The University doesnt want to do that.

-30th January 2004, 07:06
How about selling it to the Leicester Scrapyard Fencing Club. :grin:

-30th January 2004, 10:36
Please read above. The university dont want to sell it for scrap.