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-28th January 2004, 18:49
Anyone been? Whats it like? And where is the nearest airport? Anyone planning on going?

-29th January 2004, 11:17
is ont in german sabre country so they dont go. tend to get the polish U20s going, who are brilliant but not worth much nif.

manheim is also new (first held last year) so its still sorting itself out. i wont be going.

-29th January 2004, 13:24
And then there is the small detail of it being cancelled this year

-2nd February 2004, 18:51
well yes!!!!

-3rd February 2004, 11:36
Yeah, always a small problem, You arguee with customs about your bag containing metal rods used for fencing. You get on the plane after having a few guns stuck in your face. You get off the plane. work out enough of the lingo to get a cab or the likes a hotel by the venue, have a good nights sleep, well i say good if you like sleeping on a bed that has springs poking into your back all night. get up the next morning go to the venue and guess what it's closed the compition was cancelled and well erm i guess it was a nice plan journey. But wait no it wasn't you had some fat guy next to you burping and snoring, you proberbly have deep vaine thrombosis and then you have to get back home! Well the joys of going to fencing compition abroard.

-3rd February 2004, 15:14
Not a good traveller uk_45?

You always get the burping guy? i normally get some screaming kid,and sometimes its not my brother!

however the good thing about travelling with my bro is i get to eat his plane food aswell! (yum!..................:rolleyes: )

quite a funny account though! teehee! (how long did it take you to write that? i thought you were ill?!?!?!?!)

-3rd February 2004, 15:53
glad i am not the only one who has that overwhelming sense of relief when I see my kit bag trundling along baggage reclaim

-3rd February 2004, 15:56
No you arn't at all even better when you open it and no blades are broken on masks totally squashed.

-3rd February 2004, 16:37

-3rd February 2004, 18:42
Originally posted by Marcos
glad i am not the only one who has that overwhelming sense of relief when I see my kit bag trundling along baggage reclaim

i've only had my fencing bag broken once..... hehe

those protruding wheels seem to be so easy to get crushed/break

-3rd February 2004, 20:29
The worst is when a broken blade has gone through ure breeches i donno maybe its just me i dint like borrowing breeches

-4th February 2004, 21:34
Can't remember who it was, but some poor s*d was travelling to an A-grade with a wheely bag and a bright spark in handling didn't put it on the cart to go to the plane. Instead, he tied it to the back so it was towed along on its wheels. Obviously, powered cart went a little faster than the bags are designed for and it melted the wheels off.

-5th February 2004, 08:03
I lent my bag to Calum Thomson once after his got nicked - he took it to Madrid, where the handlers misloaded it on the baggage cart.

It fell off on the journey to the airport and the back wheels of the cart ran it over. Result: Calum's mask squashed flat, my bag's wheelbase squashed flat.

I'll say this though - two years later (having replaced a wheel) it's still going.
I recommned PBT rollbags ;)