View Full Version : 2prong to bayonet

-30th January 2004, 18:16
Is it possible to rewire so I can change the two prong socket on a foil, and body cord. To a bayonet on both the foil and body cord.



-30th January 2004, 20:07
short answer Yes.

Longer answer The method is obvious, and with care simple. I assume you've built up a foil before.

Only problem is getting the polarity of the body wire right, I can't remember which pin connects to the foil wire. Which ever body wire wire that connects to the foil wire connects to the centre pin of the bayonet.

IFF when you connect everything up you get white lights when you hit (and only when you hit ) try placing your guard against the opponents lame, if you now get a coloured light when you press your tip you've got the body wire polarity wrong swap the three pin plug connections over (its easier than changing the bayonet end round)

-2nd February 2004, 04:11
On 2-prong plugs, the B-line (foil wire) is the 2-mm pin, and the C-line (weapon ground) is the 3-mm pin. On a LP bayonet plug, the B-line is the tip of the plug (connects to the screw terminal that's directly under the shaft of the plug), while the C-line goes to the screw terminal that's offset from beneath the shaft. If you don't have an ohmmeter, just use a marker to make a dot on one of the lines so you can tell which was which.

LP connectors are designed for 22-gauge wire, while most other brands of bodycords use thicker 18-gauge wire. The thicker wire will not fit into the molded wire-channels in the plug, so you'll need to run each wire up along the side of the screw terminals. Strip off only enough insulation to fit the wire in the holes, without any excess bare wire. Tinning the stripped ends of the wire with solder will allow the screws to make a firmer, more reliable contact when tightened. You may need to trim off the end of the rubber boot in order to fit the thicker wire through it.