View Full Version : Wheelchair fencing - why do we lag behind

-26th October 2010, 12:52
With the introduction of wheelchair fencing at the senior nationals, allstar ect. I am suprised that the veterans do not have wheelchair fencing categorys available.
This is not a slur on the capabilities of fencers in the veteran division but surely this would enable some fencers to carry on fencing if they suffer ill health in later life as well as people with disabilities.
Leaving issues of political correctness out of the argument why is it not being intergrated into our section of the sport
I would be interested in the views of the committee on this issue & anybody elses thoughts would be welcomed

-28th October 2010, 08:28
Are there enough veteran wheel chair fencers?

I suspect that the demand has been quite low and no-one has really given it much thought up until now. Also the lack of coordination about how to link together all the volunteer groups under BF and EF, means that there isn't really a coordniated policy about how we increase the inclusion of wheel chair fencing into the rest of the sport. - That isn't to say there isn't a policy buried somewhere on the BF website, just that the driver for that policy will be the wheel chair fencing organisation and not necessarily a collective effort.

I also suspect that someone will shortly say how would you like to organise the veteran wheelchair events :)

-28th October 2010, 09:49
In some ways, it may be a case of 'if you build it, they will come.'

Why not include wheelchair categories for all national fencing events as a matter of course. LPJS? Anyone?

-28th October 2010, 11:51
See here for the ranking lists at wheelchair fencing. Specifically check the size of the lists. The biggest category is ME with 11 fencers listed.
Closed wheelchair events would probably fail due to lack of interest - you might only have one or two people actually eligible.
I'm sure the BDFA would love the vets to send a bunch of wheelchair fencers to many of their events. Support the existing events before you start looking to create new ones.

-28th October 2010, 12:35
The Rushcliffe Open, runs a mixed event ?.
The vets due to the nature of its membership lose more fencers due to age related health issues & injury , this would give them an opportunity to continue.