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-27th October 2010, 16:28
Ok sorry to all the forum junkies. We were hacked again by spam bots. I have so far been unable to update the forum software to the latest version. This is because the software now needs php 5 and we only have 3 on our server. This will mean a few more days down time later on but I am too busy to do it now. If there are any forum computer wizards who would be interested in helping email me at ben @ leonpaul .com

The passwords have all been updated and tomorrow i will try to update all the security as listed here:

But until then we might get hacked again. I hope not but its home time now.

-5th November 2010, 17:09
You need an active firewall, not sure whether its legal in the UK but basically it works like this, if someone tries to hack you the first time it tracks them down and monitors whatever they're doing, the second time they try it installs a backdoor to their computer and then you can pretty much set it up to mess up the PC of anyone who tries to hack Fencing Forum. Not sure this is legal though, you might want to ask a lawyer. But it might be I mean if someone attacks you with a knife you are allowed to answer with equal force right? So why not on the internet? Anyway, you would have to enquire. But usually such programmes are custom made and can be expensive but some people will do it just for kicks or to boast taht their system is the best. I don't know much about this stuff.

-5th November 2010, 22:00
Are you going to post on every single thread you can find?

You really should have posted your last sentence first, although the rest of the guff you wrote kind of makes it obvious. "Active firewalls" installing backdoors? Of course they do...