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-1st February 2004, 20:25
Does anybody know where I can get details on this competition or aquire a copy of an entry form?

Boo Boo
-1st February 2004, 20:43

All I can find (from the BFA website) is:
February 21st 2004: Hampshire Open - MF,WF,MS & WS - Carl Morris, 45 Western Road, Chandlers Ford, Hampshire SO53 5DD, Tel: 02380 271206.

Personally what I do, with most competititons, is to send my details (name, address, weapon, BFA number) to the organisers with a cheque for the entry fee.

So if you call the organiser first, you can find out what the entry fee is and check out what weapons are on what days and what the final check-in times are.

Hope this is hepful,

funky bear
-1st February 2004, 20:47
I had my entry form for Hampshire from slough last year.

-1st February 2004, 22:16
They had a pile of entry forms at the Aldershot Open. The details were:

Saturday 21 February 2004
Fareham Leisure Centre
Park Lane
Fareham PO16 7JU

Reporting Times:

Men's Foil: 9:00 am
Women's Foil: 9:30 am
Men's Sabre: 10:00 am
Women's Sabre: 10:30 am

Contact Details as those on the British Fencing pages (http://www.britishfencing.com/calendar20034.html) (and Boo's above post). Can't see what the closing date for entries is. I suspect that there might be more of these avaliable at the Slough Open.

The form requests:
Entry Fee (Payable to "Hampshire Fencing Union", 11 (late entries 16));
VET(NVA) (if applicable, they seem to have a prize for Best Vet placing for each weapon);
Telephone Number;
BFA Number;
Signature & Date (Parent or Guardian for those under 18).

I can probably scan and post the scanned entry form if requested and if the scanned image is not above the file size limit of the board...

-2nd February 2004, 19:48
Many thanks to you all for the above info.

I should be at Slough and will look out for a form there and then hopefully be down to the Hampshire.

So watch out for the "SLASHING GREY BLADE"


Dave Hillier
-5th February 2004, 19:38
The entry form can now be found here



-6th February 2004, 12:07
I get an error trying to open that word doc. Is it just me?

Dave Hillier
-6th February 2004, 13:54
ok try this


bloody word... grumble...

-6th February 2004, 15:14
That's great, thanks :)

-23rd February 2004, 08:14
Does anyone have the results?

-23rd February 2004, 08:25
The Jon Salfied trophy was won by Jon Salfield (Men's Sabre - 3rd time I think?).

The Patsy Hunt trophy was won by Patsy Hunt (Women's Foil - 7th time),

and the Robbins/Questier Foil trophy was won by Pat Robbins (Men's Foil).


-23rd February 2004, 09:37
Bad result by moi!!!:mad:

-23rd February 2004, 11:28
4th time for the Jon Salfield trophy actually...beat Jules Nelis in the final.

And don't forget Katie Hendra won the Women's sabre - big result for her, beating Emma Hynes in the final.

-23rd February 2004, 13:13
PS Her first open title, but the first of many methinks ;)

-23rd February 2004, 13:35
Really? That's brilliant for Katie! Very well done! Was it a good final?

-23rd February 2004, 21:17
It was pretty exciting stuff! Katie was 8-5 up at the break, and Emma got the next 3,then they swapped hits to about 10-all, and Katie pulled out to win 15-12. Katie was doing a lot of second intention parry-ripostes. Both fenced aggressively and intelligently. Good to watch.