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-2nd February 2004, 19:58
Hey there. I'm Robin. Been fencing on and off for a couple decades. Fencing still interests me, but my main passion these days is competitive skydiving. I got bored with the skydiving forum, so I thought I'd see what was going on over here.

I probably won't lurk too much before jumping in... so, my appologies in advance for that.

-2nd February 2004, 20:08
OK, just jump right in. Ha ha ha! Ahem, OK, so as predictable jokes that was pretty bad ... :grin:

-2nd February 2004, 20:26
Thanks... I think I will

(As far as jokes go....heh. I've heard worse).

You jump? The reason I ask is: A "Mantis" is the name of a popular SD body position.

-2nd February 2004, 20:51
Hmm trying not to maake bad jokes here, just be warned this is not a place of sanity.

-2nd February 2004, 20:58
Sanity's overated anyway.

-3rd February 2004, 05:15
Insane?? We're not insane here.............WE'RE JUST PLAIN MAD!!!!

Welcome!! :sam:

-3rd February 2004, 07:29
Hey. I got a newbie question for ya... It's probably a cultural thing... or... maybe it's just a blind spot in my knowlege base.

Steam. Fencing steam. I've never heard that before. I assume it mean Non-electric?

What is the origin of that term? Is it one of those terms that everyone on the planet uses sans Texans? When did it come into common use?

Hey. And thanks for the welcomes. Ummm..... Ta. (or is it Tah):grin:

-3rd February 2004, 07:54
Electric - modern form of power (e.g. trains) and fencing
Steam - old fashioned form of power (e.g. trains) and fencing

However, I think I have seen Americans refer to it as Dry, although I may be wrong.

-3rd February 2004, 08:05
Thank you.
That makes sense.

Yep. Always a bummer when your blade goes "dry".

-3rd February 2004, 08:15
Yes, 'steam' in the UK is the same as 'dry' in the US.

And no, I do not hurl myself out of planes by way of enjoyment.


-3rd February 2004, 08:52
And no, I do not hurl myself out of planes by way of enjoyment.

Not for enjoyment, only for pay? How the hell did you accomplish THAT?!? It's been costin' me an arm and a leg... ah... figuratively speaking of course...

UK Skydiving clubs (http://www.dropzone.com/dropzone/Europe/United_Kingdom/index.html)

-3rd February 2004, 12:36
Welcome. The closest I've got to throwing myself out of a plane is when I went gliding over the summer and we nearly had to bail out when I managed to invert it. Luckily the instructor got us the right way up again a few seconds b4 we would have had to jump. Having not been trained in how to use a parachute etc, I was told I'll tell you if need to use it apart from that land legs bent and roll with it, I wasn't looking forward to the prospect of it.

-3rd February 2004, 16:10
Gliding/ soaring has got to be one of the coolest things on the planet. I've never done it, but I've seen a few floatin' about at one of the smaller DZ's I've jumped. I imagine when the lanyard gets released, and the plane goes away, is a singular, beautiful, scary moment.

I'm glad you didn't have to bail out. Almost all pilot rigs are equipped with round parachutes, rather than rectangular ones. The pluses to a round is that it opens quickly and they're easy to pack/ deploy correctly without problems. The downside is that once deployed, you have about 5 mph forward speed and they're hard to turn... so you land where you land... and you land pretty hard.

I've had opportunities to jump a round just for kicks. I declined them. I need my ankles for fencing.

How many times have you flown a glider? Are you pursuing licence?

-4th February 2004, 12:54
I've only flown a few times. It was something organised down the pub, 30 got us a couple fo short flights and a month's membership to the club. So while I still had the memberhsip I went another few times, about 7 or 8 flights in total, most were fairly long ones. I'm not pursuing a license as being a student I can't afford it at the moment but when i'm working it could be interesting.

-5th February 2004, 14:44
Hmmm? ok mean skydiving's all to do with the adrenalin thingy RIGHT?? but why!!!!!! whats the point of jumping out a perfectly good plane which is going to land anyway!!

-5th February 2004, 20:31
It's the MOST fun I've ever had with any sport.

I've jumped about 460-ish times. (That's considered a decent, but not impressive amount). I don't get much of a rush just jumping out anymore. The rush comes when I perfect a certain skill or task in the air correctly. It's about achieving goals, learning skills, having fun, and making friends.

Many don't know how much control a person can have in free fall. I can fly over to a friend from 100 feet away. Drop down or rise up to match his fall rate. Dock on 'em. Release. Do a 180 turn and track away from him achieving a horizontal speed of over 80 mph barrel rolling the whole way. Any skydiver with 50 jumps can. It's a blast.

And it's beautiful up there. Looking out over the earth in freefall. Under canopy above the clouds at sunset. On your back howling at the moon on a night jump.

Also. It's not a particularly dangerous sport. We usually lose about 35 people a year world wide out've millions of jumps made. 1, maybe 2 of those will be because of equipment failure. The rest are completely avoidable human error.

For that matter, why would anyone fence?

The answer is the same. Because, for whatever reason, you like the way it makes you feel when you do it.

-5th February 2004, 23:32
Bravo!! Well said! Skydiving, (which I did years back for about 5 years or so), fencing, or accelerating down a 100m straightaway (which I've also done), it's all a singular, visceral feeling that defies description!:sam:

-6th February 2004, 00:16
Ahhh! Skydiver eh?, Alright.

Why'd ya quit? Still got your gear?

I've recently achieved USPA coaching certification (eventually, I'd like to instruct). If you're ever in the Dallas area, and if you want a recurrency jump/ training, I'd do it grattis. I just bought a video set-up too....;-)

Also. I'd love to hear more about you're drag racing. I'll bet that's a pretty exhilerating moment.

-6th February 2004, 23:17
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Jumpit
[B]Ahhh! Skydiver eh?, Alright.

Why'd ya quit? Still got your gear?

Also. I'd love to hear more about you're drag racing. I'll bet that's a pretty exhilerating moment.

Yeah, I started when I was 20 when a buddy came up with the idea! I jumped on and off for 10years, then quit as I hadn't broken anything at that point, so why push it!! (Sprains & strains don't count!!) Yeah, that was hmmmm, 18 years ago!! My gear is over at my mom's, if she hasn't tossed it, that's a bad habit mothers have, ya know!! (Yes, I always fenced, which I started at 14!!)I certainly would consider trying it again, as my girlfriend and I do enjoy hang gliding!! (We drive up to Ellenville N.Y. which is the skydiving/hang gliding/anything aerial gliding center of the
planet, it seems!!)
Btw, it's not DRAG RACING (I'm an oval track kind of a guy)......SPRINTING head to head mano a mano, I stopped fencing 7 years ago, and competed in track and field for a while! (I've always had good speed, comes from all that fencing, I guess!!) I'm back to fencingfor a year now, as I realized that I love it way too much!! (Track was a pretty awesome experience though!!) It's pretty cool that your getting to the point where you'll be instructing soon!! :cool:

-8th February 2004, 17:31
Btw, it's not DRAG RACING

Isn;t that where a bunch of men put on dresses and run thro the supermarket?:tongue:

-8th February 2004, 17:38
LOL !! That's a good one!! :grin:

-8th February 2004, 17:41
Lol thank you it;s the most ive put my brain to all day!

-8th February 2004, 18:00
Yep, I understand. It IS Sunday!(As if that were an excuse!) ;)

-9th February 2004, 07:25
You can imagine where I was, though.

Here's what I did while I was there: Clicky (www.heyrobin.com/movie/camp1.wmv) (8.8 meg)

I'm the one with the black and greyish blue rig.... Darkest helmet.

I need to post a retraction, btw: I mentioned in an earlier post how safe SD is. I misreported. 35 deaths is a typical average for USA alone. World wide its estimated 75-100. Hard numbers are difficult to obtain as many countries dont report. Also: SD is the only sport I know of that uses the word "femur" as a verb. So there are some risks involved.

Anyway, that's been buggin' me. So I thught I'd come clean on that.

So. There's a glider pilot, oval track mano-e-mano sprint race car driver who hang glides, many students, and a bunch of fencers on this board.

Anyone else done some unusual things or have some interesting hobbies outside of fencing? Art, writting, photography? Anyone juggle or breathe fire? stuff like that?

-9th February 2004, 10:40
I'd hardly call myself a glider pilot, I've flown a few times but only taken control once we got in the air. It could be very interesting to do once i'm earning money and not a poor student though. Our runway was on an RAF base and the guards at teh gate were so dodgy, some let you through no questions asked. Others held a gun to your head while they got someone else to check the car for bombs etc.

-9th February 2004, 15:11
Thats not really all that many deaths i soppose oh well ill stick to my swords and guns!

-9th February 2004, 15:49

Unusual interest for UK folk isn't it?

and hey bufc99, you're more a glider pilot than I am. While your not technically a glider pilot (is there licencing for that)? You HAVE piloted a glider.

-9th February 2004, 15:59
Not really clay pigion shotting but i aint been in years!

-9th February 2004, 16:22
Good for you!

I was engaged to a London gal a while back. She came to visit, and during her extended stay here we ended up wandering into a pawn shop for some reason.

They had a wall filled with firearms behind the counter. Her jaw literally dropped. At the time there was no requirements for training or a waiting period. The idea that one could just walk in off the street and buy a gun was inconceivably strange to her.

How easy is it to buy guns in the UK?

-10th February 2004, 09:52
Yeah you get different types of pilots licenses, I think for different types of aircraft, so probably unpowered gliders, powered gliders (these might come as one I don't know) then onesa for commercial sized planes and ones fro small personal planes etc. I'm not sure but if you're interested then the British AA site or teh Civil AA site probably has more info.