View Full Version : BYC Foil Results

Boo Boo
-3rd February 2004, 10:06
Now up on the BFA website http://www.britishfencing.com/bycfoil04.html


-3rd February 2004, 10:10
Oh good good, The darling from our club came 14th,

-3rd February 2004, 12:36
ahh was fun :)... pity i wasn't fencing tho - damn qualifiers being in november grr

who will i be seeing from the forum for the epee this sunday?

-3rd February 2004, 14:58
wont be there on the sunday, cause im doing slough, but i'll be there on the saturday! i'll be the blonde one with KUHLMEY GBR on my back (probably asleep somewhere!!!) come and say hi. Or if youre gonna be wearing your australian tracksuit i'll come and say hi!

-3rd February 2004, 15:32
i'll actually be in a jacket and tie on the sunday - the epee deserves me to look nice :tongue: :)

but i'll be the shortish guy with now short (:( ) brown hair and a thickish australian accent.... should be a cricket australia tie - not that that'll help you, hehe

anyways i'm rambling - should see you on saturday :)

-3rd February 2004, 15:36
ok what is a cricket tie? or am i just being blonde? :tongue:
hehe which obviously means epee is the superior weapon!!!!
yup see you there then!

Boo Boo
-3rd February 2004, 15:40
What, no fencing at Slough on Sunday Australian??? :(


-3rd February 2004, 17:07
Being as the epee for the BYCs is on the saturday, not the sunday...

I'll be there to ref definitely on the sunday for the sabre and maybe the saturday for epee but probably not.

See you there...


-3rd February 2004, 18:33
just a reasonably normal tie with the 'cricket australia' logo on it, hehehe

erm, slough is a problem cos i wouldn't have the first clue how to get back... :(

I'll be at merseyside - thats my first open :)

and apparantly i'll be refereeing at the public schools championships... assuming the school will let me off work for a few days - but that should just be a formality

-3rd February 2004, 20:06
See you at all of those then.:transport

-3rd February 2004, 20:16
Ahhhhhhhh i was going to the mersyside but it's the closed welsh sabre champs the same day and i have already sent of entry and monies soo i'll be in cardiff