View Full Version : Olympic Sports must stand up and be counted.

Barry Paul
-28th November 2010, 20:38
If sixty Head teachers from across England and the Head of the Canadian Olympic Committee can raise serious concerns in a letter about the ending of the School sports Partnership, is is not time for all the British Olympic Sports to stand up and be counted? The Olympic Games were given to London on a promise of the creation of chidren centric sports development and an expansion in sport for all. All Olympic sports have the moral duty to protest to the government collectively. I would like to see our CEO and President orchestrate such a protest. Including a email to every B.F. member asking them to protest to their local M.P.

The letter mentioned above describe the proposed action as ''an ignorant, destructive and(even in terms of coalition policy) a contradictory and self-defeating decision. It is entirely unjustified educationally, professional, logistically and in terms of personal heath and community well-being.'' They say the national network of 450 SSps is ''the most universal, long-term, community-centred and sustainable that we could have devised; in microcosm it is 'big society' in action.'' ''To lose the School Sports Partnership would be disastrous both Locally and nationally.''

So if the Government can be persuaded they have made an error, can they be helped by the city/Bankers devising funding system like the P.F.I. which funds this movement for four more years on the basis of future financial gain from lower health bills?

-29th November 2010, 00:26
funnily enough as so many of those 'Olympic sports' are virtually entirely dependant on government handouts for their survival I very much doubt that any would have the guts to 'stand up and be counted'.

Barry Paul
-29th November 2010, 07:53
Budgets are probably set for the Olympics, after the Olympics money will be greatly reduced except for sports with medals. Money for the rest will not come from the Government but from Lottery, so what's to loose? Growth in sports will not come from top down but grass root and a long term increase in sport participation. (hopefully driven by Olympic success) this is where the SSP will be perfectly positioned.

Barry Paul
-2nd December 2010, 11:15
From the news it seems that the Government is looking at revising their plans to stop funding SSP. Just to make sure the Government does not change its mind I will be suggesting that British Fencing should take the following action.
1. Prepare a reasoned argument why the SSP should be retained, explaining to the membership what they have achieved and why the government's policies are misconceived and need modifying and send it by email to the membership.
2. Set up a website so that members of British Fencing can lobby the Government by signing an online petition and also be encouraged to contact their own M.P.
3. British Fencing should actively lobby all the National Governing Bodies of Olympic and all sports to join in. This should reach more than a million people if the larger NGB join in.