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-4th February 2004, 20:59
Is it just me or is the post cojnter not going up properly if make i few posts in the space of 5-10mins it only seems to count the first one. Any one else getting this??

-4th February 2004, 21:44
Ged a life:transport

-5th February 2004, 16:30
stop being a super poster then! your only trying to be the top poster on here, and really, theres no need! read above, v good point!

-5th February 2004, 16:45
however sad it may be, i have noticed this too, i have just scientifically tested it!


-8th February 2004, 17:33
No wait KK you clever guy you have disabled the post counter on the 'game' threads havn't you!

-8th February 2004, 18:10
What a clever toadstool (?!?!?)

i am seriously worried about myself:S

hahaha@ uk_45, ur super posting hopes have been dashed!

-12th February 2004, 11:27
So clever am I in the ways of the force.:yoda:
Post leads to power :luke:
power leads to anger :starfight
anger leads to suffering.:vader:

-12th February 2004, 13:12
all hail our almighty 1 kingkenny:endworld: .....................:grin:
have you guys got nothing better to do than be watching the post counter?????:rolleyes:

-12th February 2004, 16:15
he doesn't i do, however i feel the need to annoy/put down/shout at uk_45 whenever possible, and so i follow him around the forum (he follows me around too!)

yes i am sad, however in the world of hayleyjade, where the grass is pink and purple, we dont get out very much!

-12th February 2004, 16:24
Hmm *slaps* hayley i think you just earnt your self a bout of sabre with me *evil laugh* and KK should be praised cos he stops us all going mad and keepsus in the here play pen.

-12th February 2004, 16:29
well im alreayd mad, and insane, and looney (are they all the same thing?) but still, yey for KK!!!!!!!!

-12th February 2004, 16:50
Ok mad is either insane or very annoyed, Insane is well insane, Looney is just kinda crazy etc.

-12th February 2004, 18:59
I like the new line added to the chit-chat description. I guess it is sad im the one the noticed!

-13th February 2004, 09:41
tee hee.

slipped that in without anyone noticing!

I wish it had been like that from the start of the forum!!!:) :)

Boo Boo
-13th February 2004, 09:52
Originally posted by wingnut
I wish it had been like that from the start of the forum!!!:) :)

No, because it would make me look even sadder than I already do (since I don't play the games...)!


-13th February 2004, 15:57
Ok i'll take that excuse!

-14th February 2004, 00:01
& since hayleyjade and uk_45 spend all their time posting on the forum how on earth do you 2 find time to actually fence???:rolleyes:

-14th February 2004, 10:30
who knows! lol!

actually, instead of fencing and having a normal life, i fence and dont go out! lol, so boring! sigh............

-14th February 2004, 16:58
I dont sepnd all day posting just have broardband.

-15th February 2004, 23:52
Well, at least, thank you for waiting until after I got over 100 posts. ;) :cookie: