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-6th February 2004, 15:16
hey everyone!
ive got asthma right, well i take an inhaler for it but it contains small amounts of anabolic steroids. i have to take it twice a day and 1 or 2 times before sport or if i have an asthma attack. one thing i am worried about tho is that it contains steroids. you c if i did a ^&*% test it would come up positive for banned substances. would it b counted as cheatin in a competition? beacause i have noticed that after i take it i get way more energy n can perform WAY better.
Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ne of u tried banned substances? im also becomin addicted 2 my inhaler which doesnt really help the matter!!!!!! but i need it otherwise ill have an attack n end up in hospital like it did once wen i couldnt find it 2 use it!!!!!
please reply asap :) :fencingsm :kingkenny :juggle: - i juggle! :sabre: :hairfire: im a goth!!!! yea dont ask gotta go now!!!byeeeeeee

-6th February 2004, 15:45
hey, i take inalers for asthma too. What I did, was go to the doctors and ask my GP to write me a letter saying that I take X and X inhalers for asthma. But dont worry, I have never been asked for my letter (even though I payed 10 pounds to get it!!!) ok, so CHILL!!!!!

-7th February 2004, 19:10
Go to this site (http://www.uksport.gov.uk/did) which is the UK Sport Drugs Information Database. Type in the active steriod ingrediant and the database will tell you the amount you can have in your system, rules of use, et cetera. I was ill just before the BYCs and I ran everything I took through the DID before I took it, just to make sure.

Good luck.

-7th February 2004, 20:56
Originally posted by Aoife
Go to this site (http://www.uksport.gov.uk/did) ...

Hey, I'm allowed to take Marijuana outside of competitions. I wonder if that page could be provided as evidence in court :grin:

-8th February 2004, 17:38
Don;t think so but you could always try but if you do guess i'll see you in 5 years!

-8th February 2004, 17:45
teehee, could make a comment here about the above, due to my 'legal training' (2 weeks sat in on courts!) but i feel i cant b bothered!

-8th February 2004, 17:47
As afr as i remeber you got addicted to coffe and sat thro personal Injury claims and debt collection.

-8th February 2004, 17:49
and no i think about it you wouldn't get 5 years it would proberbly be 6 mnths, or a fine! and comunity service!

-9th February 2004, 07:59
ask the bumblebee, madfencer. that should stump him!!!

-9th February 2004, 10:07
thanx everyone!!!

-9th February 2004, 11:58
I very much doubt that your inhaler contains ANABOLIC steroids - it's much more likely to be corticosteroids, which are rather different I believe. Any pharmacists out there?

Boo Boo
-9th February 2004, 12:07
Like 2HH, I have copies of a doctors letter to state that I have medical reasons to use my asthma inhalers.

In this country you are REALLY unlikely to get tested unless you are making at least L4s at major opens (even then it is still INCREDIBLY unlikely).

I keep copies of the doctors letters just in case I need to prove things in this country (although I doubt it would be a problem, providing your GP can prove that you get your inhalers through perscription...), but mainly for when I compete abroad (although it is unlikely that I will need it there, either...).


-9th February 2004, 12:08
My son is on the World Class Start and Potential Programme for Pentathlon. He is also asthmatic and uses ventolin and also hydrocortisone cream for exzema (please excuse the spelling).

I have to declare the use of both his ventolin and hydrocortisone cream to his governing body and also get his GP to fill in various forms confirming his diagnosis and reasons for the use of these two items.

My suggestion is that you contact your sports governing body, in this case the BFA as soon as possible.

They must have a medical advisor who can help you.

Much better than a failed test.

-9th February 2004, 14:37
;) thanx everyone altho i dought ill need 2 take a test as im only 14 and not too good at fencing although i luv it n me dad was good wen he fenced!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-11th February 2004, 10:03
that proves nothing, mad madfencer! nick my motto : if he can do it, i can do it. (to a resonable extent!!)

-11th February 2004, 11:51
:grin: thanx oddball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-13th February 2004, 19:01
quote origionally posted by madfencer - "TOTALLY LOST IT!!!!!!!!"

You never spoke a truer word!!

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-16th February 2004, 10:11
yea jenny i have lost it!!!!!!!!!! :moon: :moon: :moon: :moon: :moon: :moon: :moon: :moon:

-23rd February 2004, 11:11
who the hades is jenny? ODDBALL RULES!!!!!!!!!!

-23rd February 2004, 12:08
sorry, ODDBALL!!!!!!!!!