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-7th February 2004, 20:41
Does anyone know the dates for the Millfield summer training camp or a phone number/email address where I can make enquiries?

Much obilged. :cookie:

-8th February 2004, 15:39
Was at the BYC Epee yesterday, son competing.

Picked up lots of paper, entry forms, etc. included in which: -

Millfield Summer Course Application Form. I can scan it for you and email it - if you want this, please pm me.

Details are: -
15th to 20th August 2004
Cost 300
50 deposit to secure your place
Contact for info, fencing@millfield.somerset.sch.uk

There is no info on who the coaches will be, just that it will be "the regular team of other National Squad Coaches at all weapons and invited Foreign Masters." Besides the Coaches, they are hoping to have some of our ex-international fencers, physiotherapists and other related staff.

-8th February 2004, 15:53
Thanks for the info:thumbs_up I'll email them.