View Full Version : Kit rating for Vets events?

-22nd January 2011, 10:15
Hi - was just wondering if you could help me with a kit query for vets events - is it 800n across the board or e.g. 350n for jackets and 800n for plastrons?

-23rd January 2011, 17:35
all help appreciated - would love to get back into competing now I'm 40+ but feel like a complete newbie when it comes to comps

-24th January 2011, 12:48
British Veterans Fencing (BVF) require the use of maraging blades for epee and foil.

BVF recommends (but does not require) FIE standard clothing and masks.

If you are selected for the veterans world championships you will need FIE kit as it is a FIE event.

FIE equipment is also required for the European championships.You can get more information from www.veterans-fencing.co.uk (http://www.veterans-fencing.co.uk)

-24th January 2011, 16:16
Many thanks - had a discussion with Leon Paul sales today and they confirmed the same. Looks like I could be getting back into the game sooner than I thought!