View Full Version : Anyone want a fight?

-8th February 2004, 21:49
Just fishing, but would any university out there would like to have a friendly or even better organise a mini league after the BUSA has finished. By the way I'm from Wolves Uni (yes we do have fencers here :), well the ones who think they are..

-14th February 2004, 14:36
Which University are you at?
How far are you willing to travel?

-14th February 2004, 15:09
Well we're at Wolves Uni (Wolverhampton), but we can travel within reason i.e 120 miles

-14th February 2004, 16:33

-14th February 2004, 20:36

-14th February 2004, 22:19
say hi, to dave hillier for us... and ask him is he coming to London this year?

Dave Hillier
-16th February 2004, 16:22

(hmm should have thought of a more original user name)

-17th February 2004, 10:06
I'm at Birmingham and after BUSA we mioght have enough time for a few friendlies or something.

-17th February 2004, 10:13
if you fancy an end of season tour - why not take a w/e in Dublin - sure you could arrange a triangular match against UCD and Trinity no probs

(that goes for everyone, not just wolves!)

dead cheap with RyanAir if you book in advance, and the students tell me there might be a small pub nearby that still has some stock of beer...

Trinity website:


4"10 Writer
-17th February 2004, 15:17
I'm from Bangor, North Wales and any all friendlies would be fun. Any takers?

-17th February 2004, 16:03
Just emailed you, but you could contact the 2 Dublin colleges - quik trip on the ferry over, job's a good'un!
:sailboat: :fencingsm :strong: :drink:

-3rd March 2004, 10:11
I'd love to get my club (Uni of Hertfordshire) involved! I'm not the president but I can easily pass information on!

4"10 Writer
-19th March 2004, 13:39

To the University of Herts, my family's home is just up the road from you in Watford so if we can assemble a few ppls, can we visit you during your session or something????