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-2nd February 2011, 00:13
I've been rather backward in raising this thread. But as I haven't seen it given prominence then I have to excuse myself with the adage, better late than never.
Round two of the Scottish YDS was held over last weekend at the High School of Dundee.
I was there both days, as a driver, spectator and supporter. Luckily the YDS management team quickly, and ruthlessly, disqualified me as a participant and spared me from the indignity of being thrashed by the young ones!
The weekend was, as ever, a fantastic, enjoyable and rewarding experience.
The catering services were pure gourmet at a price that was reminiscent of pre-inflationary ages. The bulk of refereering was conducted by highly experienced old-timers who explained every hit awarded. Superb.
The organisation and timings would not have disgraced a senior open.
Thank you YDS for continuing to serve up a quality diet!
If you're based in Scotland then you have no reason, apart *from financial, to not participate. If you are somewhat South of the Border and have a sufficiency of pennies then get your applications in for the next round *
in Glasgow.
Well done you YDS'ers

-2nd February 2011, 11:00
Lifebegins, I agree, I find it amazing that more kids don't enter/aren't entered into the YDS competitions. Here we have well run, enthuisastically organised events, spread around the country, with the express purpose of developing youth fencing - what more could we ask for?!

Keep up the good work, YDS!!