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-9th February 2004, 19:49
Just started fencing for the first time and loving it. My problem is am I getting too obsessed with it too quickly?

I have only been to a handful of classes and am already buying numerous books. I have also considered starting to buy equipment. I tell myself that if I buy an item a month I can spread the costs out which I suppose makes sense.

Is there a danger though of reading techniques in manuals before you are taught them at your class?

-9th February 2004, 22:44
i guess its better (and probably easier) to master the basics first, and as your coach introduces new techniques then practice them off piste. obviously for that you either need a nice target (i mean friend) at the club, or your own foil & glove/ borrow some kit.

the best advice i remember for this wasnt to do with fencing, but when i was learning to play the clarinet - wait until you are taught the correct ways of doing things, and then bad habits won't creep in.

So just at the beginning, get that footwork nailed....

-11th February 2004, 19:14
Can I advise against nailing the feet in any way? It hurts bad.

Mr Flea
-17th February 2004, 16:09
i know how you feel Bonzo...i'm have the same problem....:o