View Full Version : Hoker's Breeches

-10th February 2004, 09:19
there has been some debate over whether hokers should get new breeches. all those who think so please put a post up!!!!

-10th February 2004, 10:46
Hokers' breeches are a disgrace to fencing - not only have they gone grey due to too many hot wash cycles in with his black socks, but being at least 13 years old they have lost their shape, and are quite frankly, embarrasingly tight on him.

It is time someone put a stop to the madness.

-10th February 2004, 10:53

I'LL GET SOME MORE!!!! :grin:

Any chance of a discount Barry? ;)

-10th February 2004, 17:24
ask the better half to get 'em for your b'day this w/e

and get them with the GBR stiching if you are going to Reykavik in June...

-10th February 2004, 22:12
Speaking as someone with manky old kit, which I can't afford to replace, I say leave them be.

If he wants to have grey legs and outline his wotsits like two walnuts in clingfilm, it's up to him.

Leave him alone!

-17th February 2004, 10:33
Look in a few years everybody will want grey breeches.

Hokers is just ahead of the time that's all.