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-10th February 2011, 11:55

I'm returning to the UK from Portugal at the start of march and want to fence epee in the vets championship 4-6 March. I'm a British citizen, 42, but at the moment am a member of the Portuguese fencing federation (www.fpe.pt).

Does anybody know what do I have to do be able to do the comp? Do I have to join both the British Vets Fencing association and the Britsh Fencing association? (I hope not - $$$)

And can I join up on the day if I have to?

Having been competing and training with a Portuguese club for 3 years I'm itching to see how I'll fare in the UK.



-10th February 2011, 12:20
Hi Chris,

You will need to join both the BFA and BVF.

I am not sure if you can join on the day. Please contact David Sweeney 01453 758372 or 07881 908629 or by email:
mr d sweeney at hotmail dot com

You can find more details and enter online here:

-10th February 2011, 13:42
Hi Nickos,

I just had a look at the websites and it all seems straight forward so I'll do it before the day.

Thanks for your help,