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-10th February 2004, 16:27
is there anyone out there at who's school has a fencing club? ours isn't too popular, only 7 fencers (the most in three years) but its sound!!!!!!!!!!

-10th February 2004, 22:29
Yup - that's where the boy started - lunchtime Friday and then after school, too.

-10th February 2004, 23:59
We did a demo at the school we fence in - to set up a juniour section - the school was so impressed thay asked the coach to set up a school class - it's now 40 strong plus waiting list.

-11th February 2004, 07:38
I run a school club - Wed & Thur after school, plus Mon night when we're open to "outsiders".

-11th February 2004, 12:17
I'm the secretary (and unoffical treasurer) of my school club.

The club was started on November 7th 2003, and I've been going ever since. At first just on Thursdays, but now another class runs on Mondays (both after school).

Last summer (during exams and stuff) there was often only me and another girl there, but before that it varied from 4ish to about 8.

This year we have to run a register, and there is about 10 people in each class (we have ten kits), with about 5 who overlap (going to both), menaing there's about 15 in total.

Last Friday we entered most of our newbies (been fencing since Septemeber at most) into a small friendly comp between local schools. It was great fun, they were very scared at first, but the second they started winning their whole body-language changed. It was wonderful to see them really enjoying it (especially seeing all these tiny- and that's coming from me- year sevens beating lanky great 14-16 year old boys!)

Are you asking about school clubs for any particular reason, or just curiosity?

-11th February 2004, 15:58
Yeah the school i'm working at has a club, and its doing alright... not just restricted to school kids either - we get adults and littlies and all sorts coming to fence... so its really quite cool

Seth Twilight
-16th February 2004, 19:45
I go to my own school fencing club and one at another school as u can see from my screen name locations.

Watford grammar -my school, the club is exclusive to pupils

Royal Masonic - is open to all, this is a top class club-- nearly

-25th February 2004, 11:50
i go to a school fencing club and im the oldest member (im only 15!!!) and have been going to it the longest time also!!!!!!!! this is my 4th yr at my school club and it rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oddball knows the coach who also teaches at sarnia sword club-another fencing club i go 2!!!!!!!!!
our club meets from 4pm-5pm on wednesdays after school and i go to sarnia sword club on thursday nights from 8pm-10pm!!!!!!!!!!

-25th February 2004, 11:52
theres about 12 members in our school club and god knows how many in sarnia sword club-probably over 200 wiv a waiting list-no waiting list 4 our school club!!!

-27th February 2004, 07:58
You exaggerate, there are approximately 80 at the moment, and only the musketeers have a waiting list (I think their may be about 40 but not sure).

but it's still cool!!

-27th February 2004, 07:59
God gave up on the Sarnia Sword Club!!!!

-27th February 2004, 12:11
oh yea itz cool!!!!!!!!!!!

-5th March 2004, 12:32
Point proven, but at least we have two clerics to pray for all our evil souls.....

-5th March 2004, 12:33
Someone hit me for being such a traitor on two counts..

-8th March 2004, 09:57
wot were the 2 counts? i think all the coaches hav given up wiv me wearings jersey coloured socks!!!!! but i found me other red sock!!!! yay!!! n im getting sum other socks soon-dunno wen tho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-8th March 2004, 10:01
Making out our club is full of degenerates, and being disrespectfull to God.

Don't ask.

-8th March 2004, 11:37
right. not gonna!
mmmmm... disrespectful 2 God? im kinda in trouble wiv da police a bit does dat count?! not v. useful as i wanna b a policewoman!!!!

-9th March 2004, 16:52
A policewoman? You? Gawd help us, madfencer in a cop car. Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!

Nah, just joking mate, great idea! I was considering joining the cops but have a better idea now. Don't ask, I'm not telling.

-10th March 2004, 10:04
he he :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: mwwwwhahahahahahahaaaa!!!!!!!!!! (evil laugh!) yep i wanna b a police woman or a marine biologist or teach biology or R.S. in a school. (mainly police)
totally random but can any1 juggle here? i was gonna join the guernsey circus but it closed down b4 i could join and they didnt even kno i was joining!! (even more reason 4 them 2 close down!!!) i can juggle and tight-rope walk!! if any1 can juggle here, how do u juggle wiv 4 balls? i can juggle 3, 2 in one hand, 2 under the leg and several other tricks. i can juggle oranges and other stuff and have tried knives.(!!!!)

-10th March 2004, 11:51
Can you teach me? Pleeeeeeze?

-10th March 2004, 12:12
hey, sure m8 no worries!!!!!!!!! course ill teach ya!!!!!!! but im not a very good teacher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how bout after fencing on thurs. ill teach ya juggling? u wont get it straight away, i didnt. i took me 2yrs to master 3 balls well!!!!!!! i hav performed juggling for people aswell! ill do me best tho!!!!!!!
does any1 kno how to diabllo coz i cant and itz doin me head in!!!!!!! itz that wheel thing on a sting that u thro up n catch. ive got 1 at home but cant do it!!!!!!!!!!

-10th March 2004, 12:14
sorry spelt it wrong for picky people 2 notice, diablo!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think itz spelt that way!!!!!!!!!!

-11th March 2004, 09:33
Can do diabalo, but not too well.

Can't spell it either!!

-11th March 2004, 11:48
serious?! u got 1 at home? ill tell ya wot, ill bring me juggling balls and diablo to fencing and afterwards ill teach u 2 juggle and u can teach me 2 diablo (still dont kno the spelling!!!)
pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaasssssssseeeeeeee????!!!!!!!! :grin:

HEY DOES ANY1 KNO HOW 2 SPELL DIABLO HERE, ITZ DOING ME HEAD IN I NEED 2 KNO B4 I LOSE IT???????!!!!!!!! (think i already hav!!!)