View Full Version : British fencers at the Olympics?

-10th February 2004, 21:53
The European zonal qualifiers for the Olympics are being held 17 April. What chance a British qualifier via this route?

-10th February 2004, 22:07

Haggis and his humour :)

Seriously - if any perhaps 1 or 2?

Boo Boo
-10th February 2004, 22:38
Presumeably we can only send a maximum of 6 (1 for each weapon) to the zonal qualifiers. And I believe that the minimum requirement for the BOA to send a fencer to the Olympics is a L16 at a WC - so I assume we are only sending 1 fencer per weapon PROVIDING they have a L16...

So we have at least one person who could go to the qualifiers for MF, WF, MS, WE and WS, but none for ME yet.

I imagine that the zonal qualifiers are wierd competitions... hopefully with some top performances (and a bit of luck) a number number will qualify through this route :)

(the optimist :) ).

-11th February 2004, 12:56
As far as I can remeber, FIE rules stipulate that each eligible country may send ONLY 1 fencer per weapon to the zonal qualifying tournament...

Boo Boo
-11th February 2004, 13:06
Yes, sorry, I wasn't clear.... (although I was in my earlier post on this thread :) )

... what I meant is that we have "at least one person who has reached the qualifying standard to be picked to be our 1 respresentative to go to the zonal qualifier" - so, in other words, we would send a representative for that weapon to the qualifiers...

...conversely, if no-one has got a L16 by the date of the qualifiers, I assume we are not sending someone.

So, fingers crossed that some of the ME get a L16 in the near future so that we can send someone to the qualifiers :)


-11th February 2004, 21:25
James Beevers qualified thru zonals last olympics. I think J Williams and Kruse have a great chance.

-12th February 2004, 10:07
we have Siobhan Byrne going in WS and she has a superb chance.

Boo Boo
-12th February 2004, 10:22
Did James Williams qualify through the Zonal Qualifiers last time or through rankings?

Elly qualified through the Zonal Qualifiers last Olympics: I believe that she finished 3rd, but the two before her had to drop out (so she found out that she was going about a month beforehand...). A lot of determination and a little bit of Irish luck can go a long way sometimes :)

I hope that Louise BW also has a good chance at the qualifiers too :) (how many qualify per weapon at each Zonal Qualifier - is it one or two for Europe?)

Georgina Usher also has had some good results this year (L8 in Tunis last May and L16 in Prague a few weeks ago) :)


-12th February 2004, 10:41
2 from Europe

-12th February 2004, 16:06
I think James Williams qualified through his World ranking last time.

-16th February 2004, 12:56
You may be right. I think L B-Williams will qualify, along with James W and Richard Kruse. The others are a very long shot i think.

Boo Boo
-16th February 2004, 13:01
You are probably right ...

I guess that a lot will come down to what the qualifiers are like and what happens on the day *fingers crossed for all of those long shots* :)