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-8th March 2011, 20:59
The next National Fencing Academy - SUNEE training day is taking place on Sunday the 17th April at Newcastle University. This is open for fencers aged 14 - 20 years who have aspirations for or are fencing internationally.

40 per session or 180 for 5.

Applications and payments to Katie Dolan at BFA - events@britishfencing.com
Deadline 14th April

The programme on the 17th April includes a workshop by guest lecturer Chris Barrett, into:

Why to fencers get injured: mechanics and movement patterns specific to fencing
Common injuries faced by fencer including a look at the pathologies behind these
Management strategies of the common injuries
Self management of soft tissue restriction

Strength and Conditioning training and understanding will be lead by the University coach, Julie Twaddle.

For those not attending the Academy as a fencer, there is a refereeing course for all weapons -http://www.fencingnortheast.org/fencingacademy/SUNEENationalAcademyRefereeingCourseApril2011_V2.d oc

Coaches are also welcome to attend the lectures and training sessions free of charge.

Future training dates are 26 June, 31 July, 4 September, 23 October, 6 November, 27 December.

Beth Davidson
National Fencing Academy - SUNEE Manager

-8th April 2011, 20:59
Applications are still open for Academy SUNEE at Newcastle University (Google Map (http://maps.google.co.uk/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=en&msa=0&msid=214102492955549847978.00045d2990ab49ff07f89&ll=54.982758,-1.623589&spn=0.001508,0.003948&t=h&z=18&iwloc=00049b3abe7ec8734cc68))

Application form (http://www.fencingnortheast.org/National%20Academy%20invite%20and%20application%20 SUNEE%20Oct%2010%202.doc)

This session has two guest coaches, Donnie McKenzie - Foil and Chris Farren - Sabre

This Academy is also hosting a Level 1 all weapon refereeing course - Application Form (http://www.fencingnortheast.org/Courses/SUNEENationalAcademyRefereeingCourseApril2011_V2.d oc)

Beth Davidson - Academy SUNEE Manager
E-mail: beth.davidson@northumbria.ac.uk