View Full Version : Server relocation to a dedicated server

-9th March 2011, 16:27
Hi all,

We have decided to get a dedicated server because the forum is so agonisingly slow on this shared one.

We are configuring it now and will be closing the forum to relocate it when it is all set up.

Hopefully this will be tomorrow 10/03/11 and should only take a couple of hours but it may take longer than that if we have problems.

I apologise for all of the problems we have had over the last month, hopefully this will be the last big change for a while and we should have a much faster forum by the end of the week.


Hungry Hippo
-10th March 2011, 07:19
Goodbye, Old server - It's been nice knowing you, but we're moving on to something bigger, brighter and better and probably more shiny. Don't be upset, there'll be someone out there who still loves ya..........