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Neil Brown
-14th March 2011, 20:57
Details of the conference are up on the British Fencing web site, full details & application are at:-

Anthony Turner, the S&C lead for the National Academy will be presenting two sessions, one theory & one practical. There will also be the chance to see the programme in action with the National Academy fencers on the same day.

Some details from the conference application form:-

We will have a combination of development and information briefing activities, the overall theme will be preparation for long-term success

Key note session with the British Fencing development team
A guest speaker Mark Hatton, an inspiring story for all. www.lugetalks.com
Practical coaching master classes with leading experts: Pierre Harper, Robert Kiss, Peter Frohlich, Jes Smith
Truro & Fence Cornwall example, a club which now provides work for 6 full-time coaches & has its own premises
Strength and Conditioning theory & practical sessions with the National Academy lead S&C coach, Anthony Turner
Sports Psychology for fencing coaches with Jonathan Katz
Long Term Athlete Development presentation with Jon Rhodes
Change 4 Life & school fencing developments with Ben Campion
An Armoury Workshop (3 hours Sunday 20th March)
Level 3 referee training & examination (Sunday 20th March with the British junior team)

Most of the sessions will be repeated so it will be possible to attend several.

Anthony Turner
BSc, MSc, PGCE Anthony Turner is a senior lecturer and the programme Leader for the MSc in Strength and Conditioning at the London Sport Institute, Middlesex University. Anthony has a Masters in Sport and Exercise Science, a PGCE and is an accredited practitioner of the National Strength and Conditioning Association, the UK Strength and Conditioning Association and the American College of Sports Medicine. Anthony works with a wide variety of male and female athletes including Olympic and Paralympics athletes and with team sports such as football, rugby, basketball and cricket. Anthony has published a number of articles within the field of Strength and Conditioning and is currently undertaking a PhD which investigates how to develop power in combat sports.

-16th March 2011, 13:57
This Looks Excellent. But Why is only advertised now? I see it was put on the BF Website on 4th March. But still, A couple of months notice would have been better. or was this weekend advertised somewhere else?

-16th March 2011, 15:02
Why is it on a Saturday too? The last two years it was on a Sunday which was great because it was my day off with no Fencing at all!