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-13th February 2004, 19:30
Can anyone tell me if you are allowed to change hands whilst in a competition( e.g, one bout left - handed, and the next right - handed), if you have the correct kit?

-13th February 2004, 19:44
Yeh i think you can as long as u dont do it during a bout!! Theres a section under the rules that says that me thinks. I think you can download the rules from allstar's website- check there in case i'm in a dumb mood

-14th February 2004, 14:32
Yes, but it's not allowed during a bout e.g. a poule.

But it's a stupid idea anyway.

At the Shropshire last year (2002), there was a guy who changed hands during a poule. The funny thing was, the dad of person X was watching his son fence the ambidextrous guy. The dad said:
"oh look that guy has changed back to his right hand. That's lucky because X doesn't like fencing left handers".

So even if it's an advantage to swap hands, how do you know when to do it?

and most good fencers don't really care whether their oponent is either left or right handed. Usually they are are just as good at both. and on that basis, I'd say it's probably best to use your better hand all of the time.

Oddball, I just wondered?, going by your user name, do you swap hands often already ?? or were you just thinking about it.

-23rd February 2004, 07:56
no, just thought it would be a usefull thing to be able to do.

-23rd February 2004, 15:52
I've heard that Sergei Golubitsky once got injured in the hand, and so changed hands and carried on. I think he won, but I can't really remember properly...

-23rd February 2004, 16:31
you can't change in the middle of a point, but can you change between points?

say you had 2 bodywires, one down each arm, and had a back-zipped jacket....sounds cool

between bouts I can't see why not?

-23rd February 2004, 16:35
i might be wrong but i was told that you can only change hands after a fight

be that a DE to 15 or a poule to 5.

that kinda excludes changing hands between points...

-23rd February 2004, 19:20
I'm not sure about the rules, but if you look at the description of the Once Upon a Time DVD (http://www.fencing101.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=62&osCsid=cab8085ab7a1637dc95b18a2d70ef7b1), you will see at the bottom, bonus footage of a 2001 bout where Sergei Golubitsky injures his hand and competes with the opposite hand for the remainder of the bout.

I would assume that means you can change hands during a bout, but this possibly could have been special circumstances due to the injury.


-24th February 2004, 01:28
After the injury in the 1994 Vienna World Cup, Golubitsky was allowed to switch hands. He was able to score a few points, but ultimately lost the bout.


-26th February 2004, 16:46

I'll bear that in mind if I ever bust my hand/ wrist/ knee etc...