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-4th May 2003, 20:12
just to say hello from cape town south africa i look forward to chatting to you guys

-4th May 2003, 23:23
Hello hello, and welcome!!! tell us more about yourself and what you do - We know you fence, but where and how faar do you travel and what about training???:)

-7th May 2003, 20:53
well fencing is very small in south africa, particularly in the western cape. its difficult to train and i have to spar with who ever i can. its quite demotivating because everything is in a slump at the moment.

There are not alot of competetive people and there are too few adults, so fencing with juniors will have to do.

as far as travelling goes south africa is quite large so you have to leave early in the morning and you arrive at your destination late evening and i feel terrible after travelling in a bus or car for hours on end.

i am planning on going over to the U.K. at the end of this year.
i really want to get the experience and the competition.i know i will really improve alot. standards are very high overseas and britain is not that far away from all the other fencing countries in europe.

so hopefully i will be fencing over at your place soon.

-7th May 2003, 23:26
Sounds as if you would really benefit from Europe for a bit, at least for the fencing. Don't forgert to us the britishfencing web site: it will give you links to the regions and clubs in BG as well as the comps here and some of the info for europe too. Good luck, keep on contributing to the forum, and let us know when you are hitting the shores. In the meantime - footworkfootworkfootwork:mexwave: