View Full Version : Aberdeen City Fencing Club is moving as of the 25th April

-3rd April 2011, 21:43
We're moving from Curl Aberdeen to the International School, Cults. Much more space and, we think, lots more scope to do things like hosting events etc. Some details here and more to follow. Please PM me or contact us via the website if you have any queries.

ACFC Website News Page (http://www.aberdeenfencing.co.uk/index_files/Page493.htm)

Tim Wynn
Foil Coach

-4th April 2011, 13:14
The website clearly states the training times - urrrr but omits the days!

(and you don't want me to have any excuse not to turn up!! :whistle: )

-4th April 2011, 17:39
Monday and Wednesday as before. Website updated.

-20th April 2011, 23:09
Just to confirm, we will be at the International School Aberdeen from the 25th April. The ACFC coaches did a demo there today - the floor is outstanding with loads of grip and cushioning, lighting is good and there is plenty of space and seating for spectators. Basically if you're an Aberdeen based fencer you have to come along and check it out.

Days are Monday and Wednesday. Beginners are at 18:00 to 19:15, Advanced from 18:30 to 20:45. There may be flexibility on the start times (i.e. earlier) if enough people want it. End time of 20:45 is non-negotiable. We will initially have the use of two gyms; one the size of the hall we have been using plus half of another hall that has eight badminton courts worth of space. Sessions overlap and we will be taking in a block of ISA students from May so volunteers to help would be appreciated. We are probably in a position now that helpers can be rewarded with a fee reduction or some other concession.

PM me for further info or offers of help ;-)

-27th April 2011, 21:18
No fencing on Monday 2nd May as the school is closed. Back on May 4th (Star Wars Day...)

-3rd May 2011, 16:18
No fencing on Monday 2nd May as the school is closed. Back on May 4th (Star Wars Day...)

Does this mean that you will be limited by all school holidays?

I must say, the session times are far better than they were.