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mendacious dog
-21st April 2011, 14:14
Would there be much of an interest if, along with foil, epee, sabre, coaching etc there was a section on wheelchair fencing? Or one on fencing specifically within modern pentathlon...?

Just wondering!



-26th April 2011, 13:19
Hi There,

We would be happy to add a section if there is enough interest. My only concern is that the last few sections we added (stherngth and conditioning and veterans) have not been that well used and I don't want to over complicate the foum with a plethora of unused sub forums.

What do forum members think?

-27th April 2011, 09:53

(could not resist :grin:)

-18th August 2011, 17:59
If under use is an issue, then a "BFA complaints" section wouldn't go amiss.

-18th August 2011, 19:05
Ok, I will give it a go. Hlary Sahota one of the Head Coaches at my club and I went to the Amputee Games at Stoke Mandeville.
We were there to give tasters to amputee athletes and do a bit of talent spotting for the BDFA. It is just one of many Wheelchair fencing events that she and her husband Baldip are involved in.

We have a frame at our club and two internationals who regularly attend our Wednesday session. With this and a bag of kit we gave a 15 minute or so lesson to anyone who wanted to try.

Many of those who had lessons stood and fenced as able bodied, some who had suffered more recent injuries, and were still to be fitted with limbs, fenced from a wheelchair. Everyone said, it was not what they had expected, some were really keen to pursue fencing when they got home. Disappointingly for us, as talent spotters, there was little interest from the many fit young men who were there, who I assume, perhaps wrongly, were ex Afghanistan or Iraq. There was a large contingent from Northern Ireland.

I really enjoyed the weekend, and would do it again. The obvious and subtle differences between able bodied and wheelchair fencing made the coaching challenging, and I came away feeling very fortunate to enjoy the health that I do.

If anyone wants anymore information PM me and I will put you intouch with Hilary and Baldip.


-26th August 2011, 12:10
You could lump all the smaller versions of the sport (Vets, Pentathlon, Wheelchair, Mini-fence, any others?) into one section, perhaps. Don't know what you'd call it... Fencing Variations, possibly? Just an idea.

-31st August 2011, 14:35
Further to my earlier post this link is about one of our fencers