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-7th June 2011, 11:55
Does anyone have any idea of how the tickets have gone for the fencing?
I applied for tickets for men's and women's foil first rounds sessions and also the quarters to finals sessions but so far, with only until Friday to go, have heard nothing, so am assuming I probably have not got any.
Can the UK allocation possibly be sold out?
If so, does anyone know of any other legitimate site I can buy from?

(Sorry if this has appeared elsewhere, but I haven't been on the forum for a while.)

-7th June 2011, 11:59
look at the thread on Olympic tickets, the German site Derftour have some available and seem legitamte (they are down as the official distributors for Germany)

-7th June 2011, 12:08
Thanks. I'll do that. Suppose I'd better wait till Friday, but I'll go for it then if I get nothing from the UK.

-17th June 2011, 12:58
Here's a list of the remaining fencing tickets up for grabs in the second round sale (which begins 6am July 8)


-22nd June 2011, 16:30
We have just had confirmation of our allocation - 5 tickets for sessions FE013 (Sabre Teams L16) and FE015 (Epee Teams L16)

-23rd June 2011, 10:02
Wow, there are barely any tickets left, and we didn't manage to get any. Looks like we'll be hoping for resales!

-24th June 2011, 11:59
Got tickets for Men's Team foil finals... wanted tickets for any epee event....!!

-24th June 2011, 12:00
...but men's epee preferably!

-25th June 2011, 22:03

Following the recent ticket allocation myself and my club members have managed to get more tickets than we want for Session FE007 ( Mens foil Round of 64 ) but NONE for the Mens foil final session that follows it. (Fe008)
Is there a forum for arranging ticket swaps? Does anyone here have spare tickets for the finals and need some for the earlier rounds ( fe007) and want to come to an arrangement?

-25th June 2011, 23:22
I'd buy 2 of yours, as I didn't get any, but can't offer any for the finals.
If anyone has 2 for the finals, I'd also be interested.

-26th June 2011, 08:41
Can we have ticket swap forum on the forum??