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-28th June 2011, 12:26
We will be holding a club growth seminar at the Southern Region Development day on 10th July at Park House School, Newbury at 10:30am

This is a pilot event, following up some earlier, informal research on club growth. It is aimed at sharing experiences (good and bad), and gathering information on what support clubs need and want in order to expand.

It is aimed at club officials, chairs, secretaries, coaches - anyone with an interest in growing the sport through the club structures.

The topics covered will include:

To grow, or not to grow?

How to create, deliver and follow up beginners courses - the process of getting people from taster to permanent participation

Other recruitment methods

School/Club links

Resources and assistance from the NGB and elsewhere

It is definitely not a lecture, and we may not follow the agenda very formally! :)
If you are attending the development day anyway, this is inclusive in the price. If you wish to attend this seminar, there is no charge - EF will cover any costs that Southern Region incur for hosting the seminar, and a big thanks to Rochelle Dazeley for offering to host it.

Full details for the development day are on the Southern region site here http://www.southernfencing.org.uk

-28th June 2011, 20:15
For those that fence, there is also an excellent programme of fencing development available on the Sunday 10th July, open to fencers outside the region as well as those inside. A family rate for those famillies where more than one fence. Lunch to be included.

There is a coach development day on the Saturday (9th), which again should be very informative.

All details available from the Southern Fencing website, details in post above.

Look forward to seeing those of you able to attend there.


-28th June 2011, 23:17
Will the actual fencing training be aimed at adults, kids, both separately or both in one group?

-30th June 2011, 17:29
The age group will be 13 - 80, I doubt that the numbers will allow it to be split down too far as it is all weapons.

More than that I don't know, will find out and get back to you.

-30th June 2011, 23:43

-1st July 2011, 17:12
Will the actual fencing training be aimed at adults, kids, both separately or both in one group?

Hi, according to information received today, it will be split in weapons not ages. Still space if anyone fancies joining us.

-1st July 2011, 21:14
Is it likely to fill up? Can I just turn up for one or both days if I find myself not too busy? Bit cheeky, I know, but not sure what I'm meant to be doing next weekend at the moment...