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-20th February 2004, 13:44
I noticed today a name on my "Buddy" list and since I have never used this facility I was wondering how this happened. If you put someone on your list do you automatically appear on the other persons list?

Of course, it is entirely possible that I accidentally clicked on something at some point.

-24th February 2004, 10:55
24 views and no one know? :(

-24th February 2004, 10:57
I think that you must have clicked on something. I know that, today, someone let me know that they added me to their buddy list and I noticed that afterwards they didn't appear on mine.

-24th February 2004, 17:16
me thinks you have clicked ont he buddy buton, see below, maybe when u emant to reply/ view their webbie etc!

Boo Boo
-24th February 2004, 22:30

It's easy to click on the "buddy" button by mistake, I have done it several times... at least that's how, I assume, I ended up with Lawrence on my buddy list once... ;)


-24th February 2004, 22:42
OK, thanks. I was beginning to wonder if I had a secret admirer. :rolling:

-25th February 2004, 15:11
Yeah ive done it a few times in blonda moments oh well sorry about u not having a admirer who was it then?