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Neil Brown
-21st February 2004, 13:59
If the following link www.sabrerankings.com is not working you can use http://sabrerankings.250x.com/British_Sabre_Rankings.html

-23rd February 2004, 11:50

what are the chances of getting the senior mens rankings to be like the others, ie showing results people are counting? (possibly have two listing one of just the rankings and the other with all the points and compettions for those who are interested?

-24th February 2004, 12:02
just a suggestion, but maybe a comprimise is simply a list of all the domestic NIF's similar to what Neil has done for the International comps.

I find that my PC hangs or even crashes when I open the cadet rankings to look at NIFs...if the senior rankings had the same format I reckon it would be too big for many PC's to cope with.

-24th February 2004, 18:42
its more just a suggestion. i you look at the epee rankings they have a positions list and then break the competitions bit into blocks of 50. keeps the files managable to download.

-25th February 2004, 11:37
I've now got this horrible seedy picture in my mind of Whizz surfing the net in the early hours looking at EPEE rankings. ugh, you pervert....:grin:

The foil rankings have 2 lists - 1 of just the positions and total points and 1 of the competition breakdown, so you can choose to download the bigger or smaller file.

-25th February 2004, 11:57
it was more that i had a look at how other weapons were doing it. also checking up on how good opponents were for our girlies.

-25th February 2004, 11:59
Same old tired excuses whizz - you need help and you know it :tongue:

-25th February 2004, 12:01
well i an't going to deny that. i need all the help thats available, but at least there's one consolation and that is that you will always need more!!

-25th February 2004, 12:17
True...it's the Cornish air me 'andsome. And I do admit I did fence in the epee at Birmingham last year...tho I will tragically have to miss it this time due to work - and I was after a L32 as well:grin:

PS the Senior Women's Sabre ranking have the more comprehensive listing system - I think that's discrimination :mad:

-25th February 2004, 12:46
Nah, we're just more special :grin:

Incidentally, does anyone know why sometimes on the women's site I get the the competitions all lined up vertically and sometimes I don't? Often the points from a particular comp are at a different point on the screen for different people. I'm on a linux machine so it's probably that as I've not noticed them not being lined up when I've looked at them from a windows machine.

-5th March 2004, 09:30
Originally posted by Cheetara
Nah, we're just more special :grin:

must be - WS rankings have been updated

guess your lad's ranking will soon follow

-8th March 2004, 14:02
UK MS senior rankings have been updated by Prof Brown

-8th March 2004, 15:02
I'm a non-mover :| Slightly higher points though I think.

NIF of only 7 for Slough? Bit of a surprise, thought it would be higher. I'll have to keep track of the half-year rankings a bit better.

Good rises for both Chris and Marcos, WD guys!

Does the Corble NIF of 65 have the 10x multiplier for seniors as well, because its an international, or is it just 65 for us? Not that I got any points anyway, just out of interest..

-8th March 2004, 15:38
senior corble nif is 650. look at the international nif counts bit