View Full Version : Tournaments & results website?

Big Green Taxi
-28th July 2011, 12:08
I've been looking for a website that has a comprehensive list of all UK (poss int too) tournaments, info and results. The British Fencing site has a good list but not everything is there.

Does such a thing exist?

-28th July 2011, 14:52
Rankings lists will give you the names of all opens, from that you can use a search engine to find the results of the specific competitions you're interested in. Actually you could use rankings lists to work out the order of the L64 at all competitions listed by putting people in order of points scored for each one, if you care enough.
If you're interested in other competitions such as county/regional or student competitions for example, you'd probably have to go to the organisers.
If you just want to browse I don't think you can get better than the BFA website.