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-3rd August 2011, 10:29
The selections for the World Championship must be seen in the context of the new "3G
Strategy" recently launched by the BF Board – GREEN; GROW; GOLD:
Green – being a fit for purpose Governing Body; Grow – getting more people fencing; and
Gold – winning Gold medals at the Olympic Games (and other events).
In order to achieve the GOLD Objective, our Performance Manager Alex Newton is bringing a
focus on solid and consistent support for those athletes who are likely to win a medal in
2012 or who are medal hopes for 2016. The BF Board unanimously supports her plan, which
involves inevitably tougher selection standards for international competitions – and smaller
GBR teams in the short term. There will also be a new emphasis on talent development.
In addition, at the June meeting the BF Board agreed that the Performance Manager should
be given the responsibility for selection, taking advice from the Performance Management
Group and the International Committee. Both Committees include advisors from our
partners UK Sport and others with experience of world class performance. Regarding
selection for the World Championships 2011, the Performance Manager decided that it was
appropriate and right to follow the current agreed and published selection policy for the
World Championships to ensure fairness to all athletes.
The current selection policy agreed by the BF Board and published on the BF website was
the policy that was adopted in selecting the World Championship 2011 Team.
To make themselves eligible for automatic selection athletes had to meet the following
minimum selection standard:
 At least one L8 (or better) result/s, or two L16 results from the following qualifying
competitions: the 2010 Senior World Championships/2011 Senior European
Championships/FIE Grand Prix/World Cup competitions in the period of 12 months
prior to the selection date
 Notwithstanding the qualifying standard for individual events, any weapon which
stands in the top 12 of the world cup team rankings at the relevant selection date or
finished in the top eight places in the Senior World or European Championships
As per the agreed and published selection policy the Performance Manager presented the
proposals for selection to the International Committee who made the final decisions on the
World Championship 2011 Team
The Athletes / Teams that made automatic selection:
Men’s Foil
- MF Team (to include RK and LH)
- Richard Kruse
- Laurence Halsted
Women’s Foil
- WF Team
Women’s Sabre
- Chrystall Nicholl

-3rd August 2011, 10:30
Women’s Sabre:
- Sophie Williams
- WS Team (to include CN and SW)
Women’s Epee:
- Corinna Lawrence – Subject to certain conditions as agreed between the athlete and
Performance Manager
Selection for the additional individuals who will make up the Teams in Men’s and Women’s
Foil and Women’s Sabre will be decided and announced by mid Septembe

Cyranna's Father
-3rd August 2011, 10:53
Just curious as I am really trying to understand all this

I see that the selection "was agreed by the International Committee as per the agreed selection document" and "The GBR team is supported by UK Sport and Beazley" but did the selection have the full backing of the Board?

Does it not need it?