View Full Version : Performance Management Group - A Question for British Fencing

-3rd August 2011, 14:30
A direct question for British Fencing. Who makes up, and what is the 'Performance Management Group' which is advising the PM on international selection? Is this an appointed group? and how does it fit in with the BFA structure?

I ask as they have clearly had a role to play in the current selection decisions and therefor are likely to be involved in future decisions as well.

-3rd August 2011, 14:44
Why not ask BF directly?

They have stated that they are under no obligation to respond here and you will have the knowledge that it's come from an authoritative post.

And I believe the performance group has already been enumerated recently - in one of the selection threads.

It's been suggested to me that we should look at tidying the board up as it is becoming quite hard to keep track of all the threads running concurrently on the same "issue".

Cyranna's Father
-3rd August 2011, 14:54
needs doing Gav - lot of people talking sense & a lot being missed or repeated, we need a central thread for this issue