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-23rd February 2004, 16:17
I just got an email from John Ramsay that we've lost some A-Grade tournaments from the FIE calendar.

Here is the email:

"The FIE have scrapped the Corble Cup, the Ipswich and the Epee Club Trophy and these should be deleted from the calendar. I stress that the BFA had no opportunity to make a case for these events and this is entirely a decision made unilaterally by the FIE without any input from the BFA. The FIE have however given us the opportunity to run a WS A Grade on March 6th and this should be added to the calendar.

Obviously this will involve some serious changes in the calendar and I hope to have agreement to these within a couple of weeks and publish the revised calendar then.

John Ramsay"

What do people think of this? I guess we should be glad we've still got the satellite tournaments.

-23rd February 2004, 16:30
Seems a bit sudden. And, no comment from the FIE?


-23rd February 2004, 17:16
Hadn't the FIE indicated that they were going to reduce the number of A Grades in Europe?

Still seems harsh to just cut them without consultation.

-23rd February 2004, 21:20
See the thread in 'A grades' on this subject.

-23rd February 2004, 23:50
I'll suggest try merging the Ipswich and Epee Club Trophy into a satelitte and piggy-backing the Corble onto the WS event as a Satelite or Open.


Shunting the BYC into the vacnt slots to allow the qualifying rounds to take place early in January to free up a couple of weekends in November / December for local events to iron out some of the 'lumps' in the calendar.

-24th February 2004, 09:05
Dopey question - but does he mean March 6th THIS year?

-24th February 2004, 11:08
next year - the email was titled 2004/2005 season