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-24th February 2004, 10:33
Hi All,

My name is Ruth and I'm from Dublin, and I'm beginning classes in fencing shortly, and I'm so excited about it! I don't know if I'll be any good - I hope so! So far I think there is only one or two places that teach fencing in dublin - I'm not sure though! If anybody knows a good school please feel freee to tell me!! The school tha I'm going to go to is called Salle d'Armes, I don't know anybody that goes there so if there are any students of that school on this forum let me know!! Anyway, I'll be visiting this website pretty often and reading all the goings on so I guess I talk later! :)


-24th February 2004, 10:52
Hello Ruth and welcome to the forum. Good luck with the classes.

-12th March 2004, 16:02
:) welcome welcome welcome
hope you enjoy the lessons!

-12th March 2004, 21:54
ya ya ya!

go ruth! do not be afraid!

iron maiden fan
-16th March 2004, 11:56
welcome, enjoy lessons, competitions, just dont go stabbin people in the street, ok

one thing ive learned in the short time ive been fencin is that although most of the terms used in the sport are french, its not essential to learn em all, dont be intimidated

adios compadre!

-16th March 2004, 19:45
When all else fails just stab/whack/shoot...etc. and hope for the best!

-16th March 2004, 20:57
teehee, u mean like u do kb? o sorry except you dont win do u, cos i BEAT u! teehee, (snigger!)

-16th March 2004, 21:02
the cheek of you!!!
youre in for an ass whoopin now!:mad:

night night all

-16th March 2004, 21:06

what ever!

-17th March 2004, 20:26
You may laugh now chea..hayley but you know the saying...
he wholaughs last laughs the laughingnessistsstt...
sumpin like that!?:grin:

-17th March 2004, 20:44
i am always laughing the last! my laugh is terrible too!

-17th March 2004, 20:46
i woldn't know,whenever i am around u ,youre crying in defeat!!!!:tongue:

-17th March 2004, 21:00
lol, u wish!

-17th March 2004, 21:10
well i must have a genie on my side bcoz u dont stop weeping!lol!

-17th March 2004, 21:21
what a funny guy you are:confused: :tongue:

-17th March 2004, 21:24
and what a funny LOOKIN gal YOU are!!!:tongue:
tee hee!
luv ya really!:eek:

-17th March 2004, 21:26
awwww thnx, well its better than being boring looking! i just generally look moddy! i dotn do smiling, do do pulling faces tho, so u no! that must be what your talking about?!

are you out of insults yet 4 tonight? its way past baby hayley's bedtime

-17th March 2004, 21:30
awww nighty nighty baby hayley.go and snuggle up with dann..i mean teddy in your warm crib!!!!!!:dont:

-18th March 2004, 16:13
Well this is fun isn't it!

You to should really stop fighting!

-18th March 2004, 16:21
but its so fun! lol!

-21st March 2004, 17:21
true it IS very fun!!
u should try it UK_45:)

-21st March 2004, 17:24
LOl i think me n hayley arguee enuff pick any oldish thread in chit-chat n have a look!

-21st March 2004, 17:24
teehee, he stopped about a month ago

-21st March 2004, 17:26
Hayley 2 things a) you going to be on MSN tommoz secondly when are your clubs and do they mind visitors??? E-Mail, txt, call, PM me wateva.