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-24th February 2004, 11:29
Glasgow West End Fencing Club will be hosting a 40er foil competition.

Date: Saturday 27th March
Venue: Glasgow Caledonian University Sports Hall, Glasgow
Entry: 10 (6 concession)


We are trying to get GWEFC back on its feet after we lost all of our kit in a fire (see thread http://fencingforum.com/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=1229 ) so it's important that this competition is succesful. Please enter.

If you would like an entry form, please PM me and I'll send you one.


-24th February 2004, 14:15
what's a 40er?

clashes with a comp here in Dublin, but just for reference

-24th February 2004, 16:11
40 foil entrants, male and female (no other weapons). However I'm afraid I don't know the seeding and pool structure.

-24th February 2004, 17:42
Heriot Watt University held a 48er in november

The format was:

Random poules in the first round

Seeding from that into 2nd round poules

Seeding from round 2
Bottom Half (24) are eliminated, fence the "Plate"
Top Half (24) allocated into 3rd poule

Seed round 3 -
Bottom Half (12) are eliminated, fence the "Plate"
Top Half (12) allocated into 4th poule

4th round "Semi Final" poules
Bottom 6 to Plate
Top 6 to Final

5th Round of poules
Final - 1st, 2nd, 3rd.
When i say plate:

The ppl are eliminated from the main competition and fence in the lower poules, and get seeded from the poule into a plate poule system (sos, i dont think i can make this clear)

After the 5th round of poules, everone should be in a poule of a similar standard, everyone fences nearly every1 else, and every has had a good time!

-26th February 2004, 09:28
Best of luck to Glasgow West with this competition!

Go the Parry Tartes!!


-27th February 2004, 19:17
Tried to pm you but your mailbax was full - hopefully with people asking for application forms. Can you send me a form and I will pass it around the Perth & Dundee clubs for you.

-29th February 2004, 14:39
Hey Katie,

Good to see that the club is being active in raising funds. Have you got enough money to pay for Nats and I to fly over, stay in the Hilton, and fence?

-29th February 2004, 15:00
Get to work Arturo...


-1st March 2004, 08:15

Sorry we can't afford to fly you over. We might be able to stretch to letting you kip on someone's floor though....


Originally posted by Arturo
Hey Katie,

Good to see that the club is being active in raising funds. Have you got enough money to pay for Nats and I to fly over, stay in the Hilton, and fence?

-1st March 2004, 10:20
I am working! I'm, errr, researching a fencing article.
Or something.

-1st March 2004, 14:26
Anyone looking for an entry form for this comp can get one at this address


Go to the Documants section, and there's an entry forms folder. It's in there...

See, us Emburgers can be friendly to Weegies! Honest! ;)

-1st March 2004, 14:31

You're only an honourary "Emburger". You were showing your true weegie roots in that last post. Check out the spelling - tsk tsk!

I even had to amend the link to RCP so that it worked...

-2nd March 2004, 09:32
Why do I get the feeling you changed the spelling too...?


-9th March 2004, 08:20
Hi Guys/Gals,

Just a reminder to get your entries in for the Glasgow West End 40er. The closing date for entries is 20th March. You can get an entry form from myself (please PM me) or from the RCP web site http://www.rcpfc.co.uk .

It should be a great day and an ideal competition for beginners as they will get to fence a lot of people from other clubs.

The venue is about 5 mins walking distance from Buchannan Bus Station/ Queen Street Railway Station and about 15 mins walking distance from Central Railway Station.

Look forward to seeing you there.


-15th March 2004, 10:17
Only 5 days left to get your entry forms in!

-22nd March 2004, 08:09
There are still places left for the competition. Entries will be accepted up till and including the date of entry.

It's going to be a great day with special prizes and a raffle.

Please support Glasgow West End and enter.

-30th March 2004, 15:22
I went!!

It was great fun (and I'm not just saying that 'cos I won ;o)), the free food in the pub afterwards was also much appreciated!!

hope you made a decent amount of cash, sorry I could only convince a couple of other HWers through, uni holidays and all that.

-2nd April 2004, 11:25
Cheers fitch and congrats on winning.

Many many thanks to all of those who entered, encouraged others to enter, bought raffle tickets, etc, etc.

The full list of results can be found here http://www.glasgowfencing.com/results_40er_2004.htm . The photos should go up shortly.


-6th April 2004, 14:31
Well done GWEFC!

How did the Glasgow Open go?

Are you planning any more events/competitions?

We're back in July, but I imagine everyone will be one holiday... So I think we'll leave the kit at home.