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-24th February 2004, 11:38
Hi this is a massive video file so only download if you have a high speed line my advice is to right click on the file and svae taget as.
Its a news doc on fencing and young fencers.

-24th February 2004, 11:46
Erm, I think you forgot to attach the file. ;)

-24th February 2004, 15:00
You can download it on the LP download page!


-24th February 2004, 15:02
How ever in addtion to the above when you click save target or open normally you get a 404

-24th February 2004, 16:52

-24th February 2004, 16:59
P.S. liking the new look of the downloads page nice image in the middle and all that jazz

-1st March 2004, 21:37
Ok looks like that links fixed now downloading it. KK 21mb aint that big!

-2nd March 2004, 09:22
Hey I am only 5.8 so 22 is massive. (heheheeh I am sooooooo funny!)


-3rd March 2004, 17:04
Yep must say 21mb is a wee bit big for 3 mins odd aint it!

-22nd March 2004, 12:36
escuse me sir, you two are talking a different language!

please translate for humble humna beings like myself

-22nd March 2004, 15:03
Ok hayley i'll put it in terms you understand (alothough you speak more languages than me better than me)

Your good at maths so as i told you before a 56K modem can use about 5Kb/s (kilobyes per second)

The File is 21Mb(mega byte) in one mega byte there are 1024 kilobytes so there are 21X1024=21,504Kb in this file.

To estimate the time it would take this to download at 5Kb/s we do 21,5045=4300.8 seconds.

To put this into minutes we do 4300.860=71mins or 1 hour 11 mins.

Make sense?

-22nd March 2004, 16:09
ah!lol! god thats a big file

am i asking too much to ask why they dont just out 1000 bytes in a k thingy? or should i just not ask!

also i dont do computers!

-22nd March 2004, 17:25
right a kilo byte contains 1024 bytes i byte is made from 8 binary digits so if you know your 8 and so the numericle sequence goes: 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256,512, 1024!!! make sense?

-22nd March 2004, 17:47
ah! alll becomes clear!

-23rd March 2004, 14:09
Just don't tell her what half a byte is called ie. 4 bits

That'll really confuzzle her even though it sort of makes sense.

-23rd March 2004, 16:19
What you mean a nibble???

-23rd March 2004, 18:25
nibble? where?

-23rd March 2004, 18:28
no half a byte is a nibble.

Ok 100 points who can finish this off:

Kilo, Mega, Giga,......,.......,........,.........,........

-23rd March 2004, 21:36
I already knew tera but I'm afraid I had to look up peta, exa, zetta and yotta.

-23rd March 2004, 22:14
It doesn't make a yotta differnece.

-24th March 2004, 12:34

How's about the other way then.

Deci, Centi, Milli, Micro, ... , ... , ... , ... , ... , ...

And yes I was talking about a nibble, kind of random but makes sense, half a byte = a nibble