View Full Version : Launch of Oundle, Stamford & Peterborough (OPS) Epee Club Tomorrow

-7th September 2011, 10:03
The new OPS Epee club will start tomorrow, Thursday 8th September, at Oundle School Sports Centre, Milton Rd, Oundle, PE8 4AG.

Running from 7pm to 9pm, all epeeists are welcome and if you can only make part of the session, please still come along.

We are trying to replicate the success of Redhill and Reigate Epee club so will be running the club on a similar format which has a proven track-record of working.

See www.eliteepee.com for details.

The Driver
-7th September 2011, 10:26
Good luck Chris. Wish you every success in this new venture.

-7th September 2011, 12:23
Might not be able to make it tommorow but will deffinetly be there next week!! Can't remember what the session fee is though?

-7th September 2011, 23:50
Might not be able to make it tommorow but will deffinetly be there next week!! Can't remember what the session fee is though?

All is detailed on the website. However to clarify, it will be the same as R&REC has been for the last 8 or 9 years at just 5 per session to make it easy to collect and one of the best value-for-money clubs around.

Affordable fencing is the key, even for visitors, and as you do not have to pay up-front for a membership we welcome fencers even if they just drop in once or twice a year as it adds variety to the club.

The 5 is designed to cover hall hire, hire of kit (if needed for the sessions), use of scoring boxes and the initial start of night coaching (footwork and group bladework session).

-8th September 2011, 23:35
Really good first sessin with 9 fencers attending, which is about 3 times the number we got on the first night we had at R&REC all those years ago.

We had 4 scoring boxes out and 5 spares in case they were needed. Not a queue for a box in site...

Thanks to all those attended and I hope that we will see you again in future weeks as well as anyone else that wants to come along.

-9th September 2011, 11:01
Thoroughly enjoyable evening of fencing..

-15th September 2011, 23:54
Week 2 and another good night, however a slight lack of seniors due to work commitments, remember fencing club is an excuse to leave the office on time!!

Bayson, where were you???

-18th September 2011, 11:48
Good luck Chris - hope it's going well!

-23rd September 2011, 23:15
Three weeks in and as well as the club (average 8 epeeists per week), which is still small but pays for the hall, we have about 100 school kids fencing at local feeder schools who have started in the last week or so.

The take up has been amazing with one state middle school with a total of fourty five year 5 to 8's starting fencing this last week.. I cannot wait to have to select teams for the school team champs from that group.

After half term we will open the OPS club up to the enthusiastic ones at the schools and I suspect we will have a huge jump in numbers.

The numbers here could make the OPS club bigger that R&REC in just a couple of years if all goes to plan.

Watch this space and feel free to drop in for a fun evening fencing...

-27th October 2011, 23:40
Three weeks in and as well as the club (average 8 epeeists per week)

Week 8 and numbers have reached 16 which is great and gives a great core to the sessions, especially as we had a few regulars on holidays this week over 1/2 term.

In total we have had well over 20 different fencers at club since we started. Considering that the area has had no fencing for many years there are a good number of decent fencers in the local area (including at least 4 former commonwealth fencers).

With 9 boxes usually available each week, there is still lots of room to expand and anyone passing by is more than welcome to come for a visit.

I am hoping the club will break the 20 mark regularily by Xmas... All Epee...

-23rd November 2011, 23:51
All still going well.. A steady growth and variety of fencers including some former Internationals and top Veterens as well as the young guns.

The kids had their first competition last weekend with one Gold and 4 other medals at the East Midlands Youth..

For anyone thinking of coming along, please check website before setting off as we may have to move venues in a few weeks time and we would not want you going to the wrong place.

Looking forward to when the National team event occurs, now have OPS team of Oli Price, Frazer Stephen-Smith and myself.

Could cause a few headaches for those who do not know who they are up against...

-25th November 2011, 15:28
however, a few laps of piste may put all back on even footing ;)

-25th November 2011, 20:52
We all know better than to follow the youngsters up and down the piste..

Fencing between en-garde lines is the way to survive!!!!

-25th November 2011, 21:42
Looking forward to when the National team event occurs, now have OPS team of Oli Price, Frazer Stephen-Smith and myself.

OPS or OAPS? so easy to confuse with those names ;)

-25th November 2011, 22:11
We had considered Oundle And Peterborough Sword Club, but thought better..

-9th January 2012, 14:14
Club and its linked school are going from strength to strength.

Fencers who have been to the club sessions/fencing days/linked schools won 8 out of 9 Northamptonshire Youth Epee Championships events yesterday and winning nearly all the medals on offer.

We have now well over 30 kids competing fro the local set-up and club nights are getting busier week on week.

Anyone is welcome to attend, we even have a Sabreur trying his hand at Epee, always fun to watch (sorry Bayston I could not resist).

-10th September 2012, 01:28
Following the great take-up in the first year of the Oundle, Peterborough & Stamford Epee Club, at our Oundle School sessions on Thursdays we are launching a second evening of fencing on Monday evenings starting 24th September 2012.

This will be at The Peterborough School in Peterborough which is less than a mile from the Peterborough station for easy access by public transport and only 5 minutes drive off the A1 or A47 for those driving.

Full details can be found at www.eliteepee.com in the OPS Epee Club section.

-10th September 2012, 08:53
Fantastic news Chris! Might make it a little easier for me to attend, not quite as far to drive! :D