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British Fencing
-8th September 2011, 23:01
The British Fencing team for the World Championships in Catania, Italy, in October has been extended to include JON WILLIS (Menís Epee, individual) and a WOMENS' EPEE TEAM of Corinna Lawrence, Sissi Albini, Jenny McGeever and Georgina Usher.

The enlarged team follows the recommendations of a British Fencing Appeal Panel, accepted tonight at a meeting of Performance Manager Alex Newton with the British Fenicing International Committee.

This British Fencing team will endeavour to kick start the new British Fencing "3G strategy" by winning the first medals along the road to Olympic Golds in London next year and at the Rio Games in 2016.

Note for Editors
The full British Fencing team for the World Championships is -
Men's foil team as Richard Kruse, Laurence Halsted, Jamie Kenber and Ed Jefferies. James Davis as the reserve.
Women's sabre team as Sophie Williams, Chrystall Nicholl, Louise Bond-Williams and Joanna Hutchison. Katherine Kempe as the reserve.
Men's Sabre: James Honeybone and Alex O'Connell
The women's foil team will be announced at a later date.

For any queries, please contact Alex Newton, British Fencing Performance Manager.

-8th September 2011, 23:51
Nice way to hear iv not been picked for the worlds.

-16th September 2011, 12:23
You need to join Salle Paul or the Landsdown Keith

just being british champion and ranked 4th with less chance of international points than almost anyone in the top 10

it is obviously not enough

Can someone from british fencing please explain this.
Its a bit rude a. not to inform Keith personally (especially as he is British champion and 4th in the rankings.
and b because it is so obviously biased.
without an explaination from the BFA I can only assume its because of a clique.

-23rd September 2011, 12:11
Womens Foil - To be anounced later.

Did this happen and I missed it. If not, isn't it getting a bit close not to have the fencers selected?

Also, is there an entry list. I couldn't find one.

-26th September 2011, 17:10
Found the notice below on the BF website. Despite all my reservations etc. Good luck to Anna, Martina, Natalia, and Sophie. Get great results, prove me wrong, then come on the forum and say, "Told you so!!!" I'd love it


Final 2011 World Championship Team announced ahead of team preparation day
On Saturday 1st October, 2011, the majority of fencers and all of the support staff for the 2011 World Fencing Championships will get together for a final planning meeting ahead of their departure for Italy.
It was confirmed last week that those already selected will be joined by a full womenís foil team consisting of Anna Bentley, Martina Emmanuel, Natalia Sheppard and Sophie Troiano.