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-5th May 2003, 17:39
Excellent comp coming up in June - Carrickfergus Castle Tournament. Fencing inside the castle, banqueting hall, Keep, etc. All 6 weapons on plus U.13 event.Promises to be excellent event this year with superb prizes. June 21st / 22nd Entries repesented include Uzbekistan, holland, USA, France and home nations. e-mail: carrick.tournament@stormontfencingclub.com

-5th May 2003, 19:16
sounds good. I wish I could make it but I have no money and am moving home for the summer holidays that w/end.

-5th May 2003, 19:17
Is this a yearly event as can't make it but would love to do it next year.

-5th May 2003, 19:37
I'm not sure if it's a yearly thing or not but here's the link to the site Carrick Fergus Fencing Tournament (http://www.stormontfencingclub.com/C'fergus%20Open.htm)

There's a link at the bottom of the page to e-mail the organisers for information

-6th May 2003, 10:04
To all who are interested,

I now have the entry form for the Carrick Fergus Castle Tournament on my website. Bham Uni Fencing Club - News (http://www.bugs.bham.ac.uk/news.htm)


-6th May 2003, 19:24
Is it high level fencing? Will I fly there only to get my ass kicked?!

-6th May 2003, 19:40
The e-mail that I recieved with the entry forms reads

hi, most at my club including me only fencing a year or less. we host a comp in a Medieval castle in carrickfergus 21ts / 22nd June. A good fun event if you're interested. Jim Simpson

so you should be ok.

-6th May 2003, 21:58
No not top notch fencers but all levels.
Yes will be an anual event. Think about coming across.

-6th May 2003, 22:50
Jenrick, the date looks clear (Miller HAllet the weekend after, and exams finished) so I'll see what can be rustled up from this neck of the woods......:grin: :grin: :grin:

-7th May 2003, 08:33
Great for cheap flights etc www.whichbudget.com either Belfast airport or ferry ports. we might be able to arrange pick-ups.

-7th May 2003, 23:18
Looks like we might not be able to pass this one up:grin: :grin:
Will talk to peeps this Friday and see what we can do - accomodation info handy?? not had the opportunity to check the site yet cos the machine crashed and i needed sleep....However, I DO sense a party coming on:party: :party:
Thank the dear L for smilies, I say..........

-8th May 2003, 21:00
For accom try the Quality Hotel 028 9336 4556 rooms 60 per night b&b (2-3 can share!) Also on entry form try the link to tourist board.
Let's know asap as we are trying to tie down numbers for outside pistes etc. Also the dinner on Sat night.:party:

-8th May 2003, 22:17
Wiil do - will go on site now, if this b machine will let me and not freeze.....will come back to you asap.:) :) :)

-9th May 2003, 18:38
Hey Jenrick - looking at the prospect of castle fighting very favourably.. .. good club site, too. Am taking an entry form to Big Boys club tonight, having shown it to school club this after. Our coach coaches in Sheffield too, and he was interested.....will let you know asap. Looks as if we'll fly if we come - ferry soooooo expensive, even the cheapie site.

Speak later;) :) :)

-9th May 2003, 18:46
Great, Hear from you soon. BMI-baby flights on special sale at prsent - (bmibaby.com) Hope to see u over. Let me know numbers coming asap

-10th May 2003, 12:04
Sounds good but sadly clashes with Cole Cup. Points needed!

Move it back or forward a week and the Cornish boys (and girls) will be there in 2004!

-13th May 2003, 22:44
Date for next year being sorted soon. Let U know when.:)

-28th May 2003, 22:46
Sounds like it would be fun, but it needs to not clash with a competition like the Cole Cup. Maybe next year...

-12th June 2003, 22:42
looks a big entry for Carrick. At present 100 fencers over the weekend - not bad for N.Ireland comps.

-17th June 2003, 15:59
I'll be there, Jenrick - just up for the day for the sabre, tho

will stay over next year for the dinner!

-17th June 2003, 19:49
Regrettably:( we shall not be making it over - can't get back in time to catch any trains to go from one side of ingerland to the other. Hope you all have a brill time, and hope to come next year;) ;)

-19th June 2003, 22:30
Sorry to hear that esp as advert for flybe said free flights Newcastle -Belfast just pay taxes! Look forward to seeing you next year. Entry just closed not with about 106 entrants in total. Not bad for an N.Irish tournament.
keep eye out in Sword mag for reports. and future date.

-19th June 2003, 23:04
Heck - missed that about free flights...must have had me eyes closed.....but would have been just as difficult to get from Newcastle down to Hull, I think. STILL - have a brill time. My lot will be fencing in a team foil in the potash mine near Guisborough now on Sunday.....;) ;) (and I will be asleep in me bed cos I;m not taking them - hurrah....)

Why wait for the Sword????they still haven't sent us June copy. Post the results on your web site and then put a link up here???

-20th June 2003, 23:02
Will do. By the way next years date looks like being the 5th June 2004- as long as castle manager agrees on Saturday.

-22nd June 2003, 21:40
Comp finished. Great weekend of fencing.
Prelim announcement of winners-
Foil Men - 1st,Yves Carnec. 2nd Fabrice Maloigne (both France)
Foil Ladies- 1st Leah Smith (IRE), 2nd C. Hollywood (N.I)
Sabre - 1st Stephen Fenwick, 2nd Bruce Sikes (USA)
Epee Men - 1st Stephen Paul,
Epee Ladies- 1st Ruth Silverstone (Wales),
U13 girls- Becky Bartley (IOM)
Full results published shortly on web site www.stormontfencingclub.com comps- carrick.

-23rd June 2003, 11:13
Foil Men - 1st,Yves Carnec. 2nd Fabrice Maloigne (both France)

and both salle duffy, dublin !

means Yves has to bring cake to the salle tonight


Good comp - standared was higher than expected - the sabre final was a classic. Sikes was 13-10 up before Stephen came back to win 15-13